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Messaging shows unread message, but there are none.Support

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  1. rosy_55

    rosy_55 New Member


    My Messaging Icon shows 1 new message. When I select it, It says "No conversations".

    Whenever I turn on my phone, notifications at the top left displays a text message that says "can't make it sat"

    When I go into messaging, and search for "sat", the message comes up, but I Can't do anything with it. When I select it, it just creates a brand new text message. There are no menu options.

    I have tried "Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Messaging > Clear Data, but it still shows up. I have also tried removing the battery.

    Can anyone tell me where this message could be hiding in my phone?



  2. rosy_55

    rosy_55 New Member

    Got it, but I still don't know what it was. I used SMS Backup and Restore to remove all messages, and it was still there. I had someone send me new text message to see what would happen. I recieved the new message and the problem was gone.
  3. vvanimal

    vvanimal New Member

    Now happened to me too. i had a new message come in but was clearing a heap of others at the time & thought it was OK to delete it. wrong. Think this happens due to the fact that when you hit delete it marks it as empty space rather than truly send it to the void. By getting a new message it will then fill the space marked by the annoying ghost message. Just wondering how many messages i now have to build up to get rid of this crappy glitch Samsung should obviously have fixed by now!
  4. moni1

    moni1 New Member

    i did get mu data files from samsung gallaxy s5660 but how can i change the menu who can help please i have forget screen key ?
  5. cdg128

    cdg128 New Member

    So what exactly do I have to do to fix it?
  6. justinbranam

    justinbranam New Member

    Was there a fix for this? I am having the exact same issue.
  7. justinbranam

    justinbranam New Member

    Here are some screenshots showing the problem. New notification shows up. If I drag down and click the message, I get the new message screen shown on the right. If I clear the notification, the messaging app still shows a new message. If I search for the message, it pops up (the 1-410-000-412 message), and if I click it, I get the same new message screen shown on the right.

  8. justinbranam

    justinbranam New Member

    One message finally went away. Another popped up today and the same thing. Can anyone please tell me how they fixed their issue.
  9. jaredrui

    jaredrui New Member

    hi... I need un unlock code for Samsung gio s5660.
    imei 357331040373647. please help.
  10. Rosie Richardson

    Rosie Richardson New Member

  11. Rosie Richardson

    Rosie Richardson New Member

    Hi, I had the same problem. After doing everything possible, I simply moved my message icon to the very bottom so that it is on each page. The 1 (new message) went away.

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