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  1. biggee72

    biggee72 Member

    This "issue" is driving me crazy. I've searched and read some similar threads but I must be doing something wrong. I go to my messaging menu and then settings. I un check vibrate. I then switch to a tone that I like. Go back, get a message and it vibrates and it's a tone I don't like. What am I doing wrong here?

  2. Sonnydigs

    Sonnydigs Well-Known Member

    Did you go to Messaging-Settings-More-Select Ringtone??
    It works for me, I am using Siri voice "You Have New Text Message"..

    Did the same in settings for email..
    Siri voice "You Have New G-Mail"
    I got those messages from Play store under "iPhone Ringtones"
    I really like the way it works for me..
    Hope this helps..
  3. biggee72

    biggee72 Member

    Yeah, I changed them both and they are still the deault ping.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    That's weird, maybe you could go into sounds in settings and change the default system sound to what you want and see if that fixes it.

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