Messed up the MBR on my stock 2.1 vibrant

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  1. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    So I was trying to partion the SD card for apps2SD using rom manager not knowing it was going to do it to the internal one, anyway it went and did its thing but now the master boot record is messed up and the phone won't boot. It starts to load up and goes through the normal boot animations with the galaxy S animation at the end then the screen goes blank. I also used z4root one click root on the stock 2.1 firmware. Going through the recovery console and erasing all data did not seem to do anything. Is there something else I might be missing in the recovery console that could possibly reformat the internal memory?

    My brother got me this phone for an early xmas present and now I am afraid I might of bricked it. I do have a full backup of everything.

    EDIT: it says the stuff below exactly.

    MBR Checksum Error
    Movinand Checksum Confirmation Fail

    I really do hope its possible to fix the error on my part.

  2. dckloos

    dckloos Active Member

    I know of a a fix for this and its not too hard. worste case scenario you may have to pay $5 to gain access to videos from a site to help you. Not sure if you can access them without donating but i will check. I know that most of them are on youtube. You need a file called oden. you need to odwnload it to your desktop on your pc. Then you need to go to winrar and get drivers so your phone can talk to oden. after that its cake. as easy as downloading an application.
  3. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    Alrighty well let me know, hopefully you can find something before I have to get up for my 2 and a half hour trip tomorrow so I can try to fix it before we leave in the morning. Its now coming up to 2am here and I need to get up on or around 7am so I won't be getting much sleep at all tonight.

    EDIT: By the way links to whatever I need would be nice as I will be limited on time in the morning before I have to leave.
  4. dckloos

    dckloos Active Member

    k email me at i will give you my number there. We can give it a try or i can atleast get you going on the right track i need to try to email you some files too
  5. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    Sent you a message now. Anyway I am going to try and get a few hours of sleep and will try to fix it in the morning before my holiday trip.
  6. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    Be careful. I believe this is a scam. That user has posted on another thread saying a 5 dollar donation will get your problem resolved or access to boot animations or something like that. That user is also on probation, big hint to stay away.
  7. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    He gave me is number and I am already in the process of trying to solve my issue. Went through the process of reflashing the factory firmware but the process didnt repartition like it was supposed to, the firmware installed though however. Below is a video clip of the final process, its real blurry because i took it with my G1. The red part in the video is where it fails to do the pre-data wipe I guess its called. However in the default recovery console the complete data wipe does work. And besides he gave me his login to that site that has all the videos are all mostly on youtube.

    Video (3GP)

    I would link to that site the site where all the roms and videos are but I don't want to be falsely accused of scamming. By the way previous poster thanks for keeping me up longer, I have to be up in less than 3 hours for a holiday trip.
  8. STiGLOGiC

    STiGLOGiC Well-Known Member

    Relax man, people are just being cautious. It's good that you help people out, nothing wrong with that. No need to get anyone riled up over a misunderstanding. I'm sure we can all get along. After all, we are all here for the same reason, so lets all be buddies here, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, until they do something worthy of being called out on. Merry Christmas everyone.
  9. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    Bah humbug :D:D j/k lol

    Anyway I did a bit more research after I got home today and found I was not the only one whom this has happened to. I am wondering if I can still flash it and gain shell access so I can properly set the partition to the way it was before it got messed up.

    EDIT: Added a picture of the system recovery screen. I took it with my G1.

    EDIT 2: Thanks to the site suggested by dckloos I was able to completely restore my phone to full working order. I even got the froyo rom off of that site as well and now my vibrant is alive and kicking. As far as the suggested $5 donation goes you do not really need to do it. If you ever get into my exact situation you can go to that site and watch the nobrick video which you do not even need to donate to access because its readily available for free on youtube. That nobrick video tells you exactly what to do down to the bone to fix it if your a noob and fall for what I did.

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