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    MetalShop Pro 1.0 - Find out how much your scrap metal is worth. Calculate the weights of metal that you want to bring to the scrap yard. System updated with industry current prices. Also useful for scrap yards.. Workers can track all of their purchases with a hand-held tablet. Pro version updates all transactions to a PC, or server in a central place (such as an office), where invoices can be printed out and customers can be paid for their metal.
    New Scrap Metal Resource Directory - Find current prices in your area. Watch videos on scrap metal identification and learn how to reclaim gold from computer parts. Find Buyers and Sellers! List your own resource on the MetalShop Resource Directory!
    Now supports Multiple Currency and Metric Weights!
    You can now edit the UOM Conversion Table!
    Valid UOM (Unit of Measure are)
    TON (Short Ton) = 2000 lbs
    GT (Grs/Long Ton = 2240 lbs
    MT (Metric Ton) = 2204.62 lbs
    KG (Kilogram) = 2.20462 lbs
    LBS (Pound) = 1 lbs
    OZ (Ounce) = 0.0625 lbs
    GM (Gram) = 0.0022 lbs
    MG (Milligram) = 0.0000022 lbs
    CT (Carat) = 0.00044 lbs
    ST (Stone) = 14 lbs
    Be sure to see the Discussion on Starting MetalShop Pro 1.0 for important startup tips or go to Menu->Help and Resources.

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    Uploaded build 16.. Fixes a few things and ads the ability to force landscape or portrait mode when viewing the calculator screen..

    Note: Scrap Price Search is a work in progress.. The data will be complete by Feb 1, 2013.
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    Price reduced from $5 to $2 on Google Play till February 20, 2013.. Version on is Free, but, contains a simple banner ad. No pop-ups or in app ads.

    I encourage all users to comment or make suggestions. On facebook, search for MetalShop Enterprise to find the full scale ERP version for Scrap Yards.
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    Build 17 uploaded..

    New! Populate customer fields with info from phone/tablet contacts.. At the customer tab, choose the Search button.. your contact list will show.. spin to the contact that you want to populate as a customer and press it.. The name and address of your customer should be filled in automatically.

    minor fixes..
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    Many scrap yards today weigh there metal in pounds, then pay for it in hundred pound increments, or, "per 100".

    This article will show you how to add a UOM record to metalshop to automatically convert from pounds to hundreds.

    First lets go over the math.. since it is per 100, then we will have to divide 1 by 100 to get .01 (ie. 1/100=.01).

    This is our conversion constant.. For example a car is weighed on the scale, and weighs 2600 lbs. To convert to hundred weight we would just multiply 2600 by .01, or, 2600*.01=26.

    Setting this up in Metalshop is simple..
    1. From any screen, press the Menu button on your device..
    2. Choose Edit UOM.
    3. Choose the Edit tab.
    4. Enter LBS for the 'From' UOM - (This is the uom an item is weighed in).
    5. Enter HD for the 'To' UOM - (This is the UOM you will be paying in).
    6. Enter .01 for the 'Conversion' field.
    7. Press the save button.

    In order to use this new UOM, you need to create a metal type that uses it.
    1. From any screen, press the Menu button on your device..
    2. Choose Edit Metals.
    3. Choose the Edit tab.
    4. Enter 'Steel HD' for the Metal Name.
    5. Enter HD for the Metal UOM.
    6. Enter 12 for the Metal Price. This would be for '$12 per hundred'.
    7. Press the Save button.

    To use this metal item..
    1. create a new batch at the Edit Cust tab on the home screen.
    2. Enter a customer name and save it.
    3. On the Edit Item screen create a new item.. Choose Steel HD from the metals list.
    4. Price is populatted from the database, but, may be changed here.
    5. The metal UOM is fixed, and can only be changed in the Edit Metals screen.
    6. Enter 2600 in the 'Quantity' field.
    7. Your 'Weighed UOM' should default to LBS.
    8. Press 'Save'.

    The 'Line Total' becomes $312. This is 12*(2600*.01)=312

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