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metro easy wifi not loggin inSupport

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  1. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Well-Known Member

    haven't been able to use wifi since Thursday afternoon. it shows on my phone its connected but when metro easy wifi tries to log in it says it failed. I had my phone turned off for 2 hrs before this problem started. last night around 1230 am it said something about network update but still doesn't work. anybody with any ideas please give input. I miss my wifi! !!

  2. cuttingedge110

    cuttingedge110 Well-Known Member

    Where are you trying to connect to?? Your home? or somewhere else that you've gotten into before? We need some more info if we are to help
  3. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Well-Known Member

    Sorry..to one of the hotspots on the easy wifi. I've been usinf it since I got the phone.

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