Metro just raised the price to $149 on this phone....General

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  1. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Shame. I was going to get it today. I will get the connect now with $40 a month plan. The phones are only $100 difference now and in ten months I will have that back with the $10 a month savings.

  2. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    So they did. Glad I decided not to wait and got mine last week. Of course they will most likely have rebates on it, same as they did with the old M, but it could be a while before they do.
  3. citric

    citric Well-Known Member

    that's not cool. When it was at $129 it was fair price.
    that's just not cool metroPCS
  4. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    They must be selling very well so they figured they could bump it up a few bucks.
  5. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    No I dont think its selling that well just yet. I asked my metro dealer and they said decent but not great.

    I think the real reason metro bumped up the price is because Virgin Mobile just released their version of this phone for $149. Metro probably figured if virgin can get that so can they.

    Still though as I mentioned above it makes my choice easier. May as well get the connect now. With the cheaper $40 plan with 250 mb of 4g data I can save $100 in 10 months which negates the extra $100 I will spend on that connect.(its currently $249 after rebates) Plus I am getting a better phone overall.
  6. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    That does stink. But, I will still pay for it 'cause my wife and I are needing new phones. Or, at least we'll get one. My wife is willing to get one, and then transfer her number to my old OM. I roll then have the new OM+. She likes her OM and is willing to just transfer to my old one.
  7. citric

    citric Well-Known Member

    honestly, all this tells me is that the phone was selling better than expected so they think they can just charge a little bit more for it and make more money
  8. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member


    Yeah its a money grab for sure. I am just not convinced the phone is selling like gangbusters to warrant this kind of increase. There are NO written reviews on the phone and only a couple of youtube videos after three weeks, also some metro stores tell me they are just selling OK. Barely any posting in this forum and even Amazon which has had the phone for two weeks now have no user reviews yet.(by the way you can still get it at Amazon for $129 as of an hour ago, doubt that will last though)

    I still think the price increase is due in part to the release of Virgins version of the Plus the Optimus Elite. Which is identical in specs to this phone. They charge $150. Funny that Metro changed their price the SAME day the Elite is released.

    No matter now though as far as I am concerned. Im going for the connect. They have finally solved the over heating issue and from all reviews on that phone its a great deal at $40 a month. :thumbup:
  9. Goldenakin

    Goldenakin Well-Known Member

    I saw the price bump this afternoon before i went to buy it for 129 from metro. Luckily Brandsmart is selling it like crazy for 119$

    Two hours into getting the phone and its already rooted ^.^
  10. Jak505

    Jak505 Member

    I got mine two days ago at Best Buy for only $100 and I'm loving it, I've barely put it down in all this time. It's $130 there but if you decide to activate a "new" line they'll take $30 off. Even so that price is cheaper than most places.
  11. ryan7136

    ryan7136 New Member

    You can get it for free shipping and 129.00 on amazon if it helps. might not last long, but it ships from amazon warehouses so it should be fine. i ordered mine today and hope it's better than the original... my dog ate the original-_-

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