Metro PCS has 3G now!!!General

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  1. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    best thing to do is try it, it may or may not work, 50/50 chance!!!

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  2. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    okay ill call
  3. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    Did that, it updated my roaming list...looks like it also got me in a place I'm not so sure I'm authorized to go o_O

    Well, I didn't brick my service, which is what I was worried about but I do notice that 1X thingy has NOT disappeared like it did before...

    What did I just do? [​IMG]
  4. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    good thing i didnt do it yet :/ , i really want 3g right now.
  5. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    updating your roaming list will not brick your phone never has and never will, it just update your service for better/good coverage in the area you are in...and alot of people that was on cricket that has 3g had to do that also so they can get their 3g back when it fails to come up, some even had to pull the battery for 5 minutes. Basiclly its resetting your data. ;)
  6. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    oh so he has to wait for minutes to see if he got it or not
  7. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    depending on his area and carrier, but he might just be in a bad area with little coverage.
  8. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    ohhh but what if he has good coverage like florida or somewhere.
  9. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    than it should come up hopefully, lol
  10. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    Update on this "3G" service
    So i went into this two days ago when the two members (above me somewhere) confirmed they had 3G in Florida. So i called metroPCS (*611) like 5+ more time, and im not kidding about that number. Anyways i called them and let me just tell you something they have to get their facts straight,
    so this one person said that all their phones ran 3G, which was a lie. And another said the ascend was a CDMA (a connection that is lower than 1G) which i was shock, kinda. Then another said that its something like the 3G service but its slower, he described it as VO connection. So apparently no works or managers of metroPCS knows about 3G for the ascend or for any phone of there's. You think it's a secret of metroPCS top's are hiding from their works :confused:? Lol so all this stuff is confusing me, i really just want 3G on n=my phone but i guess MetroPCS can't handle that :eek:! So is there anybody else here that can confirm that their metroPCS Huawei ascend is 3G?
  11. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    umm my DX is CDMA and does 3G just fine lol Sounds like you talked to some real iggits lol
  12. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    i know!!! thats what im saying!!! lol :eek:
  13. vanity29

    vanity29 Active Member

    mmm metros hiding sumthin from us. its th 2nd day and my phone still says 3G
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  14. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    lucky!!! i wish i had 3G!! and i knew they were hiding things.. even from there workers?? weird:eek:
  15. Rokyn

    Rokyn Member

    I turned on my Ascend this morning and saw the 3G pop up where it usually says 1x. At first I thought I was seeing things but it didn't go away. I've used it all day while out and about and the 3G never went away while I was using data and the web browser speed was considerably faster than I'm used to without wifi on it. I live in Dallas so I can confirm they have it here at least.
  16. kingskidd268

    kingskidd268 Member

    How about some Pictures, That would help.
  17. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    Wow i cant wait till i recieve it :D Im in Georgia right now and it still says 1x :(
    and yes pictures would help alot! to have proof! to those lame metroPOS workers!
  18. vanity29

    vanity29 Active Member

    georgia shuld get it soon, considering ur right above florida

    ill try to get sum photos up :)
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  19. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    :D i considered that too, but instead above florida, texas got theres :eek:
  20. vanity29

    vanity29 Active Member

    lol heres sum screenshots of my ascend

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  21. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    ! so it is true
  22. Martin714

    Martin714 Well-Known Member

    would it show up on any version or just 2.2?
  23. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    I live in Tampa, & mine just say 1x. they probably will drag it out like the 2.2 upgrade... who knows.
  24. Liscab

    Liscab Active Member

    here in miami i only have 1x ,i need to drive around and see if i can see the 3G some where
  25. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    how did they drag around 2.2 upgrade?

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