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[MetroPCS] 4.3 - Root - ROMS - Security

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  1. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    Well I made the Transition over to the S4 from the S3 :) But WOW do I have some questions! I'll break them down and explain the Issues I'm having.

    NOTE: I'm on 4.3

    1. I got the phone rooted, I flashed everything with Odin (root,SuperSU). The root and SuperSU took, but I couldn't flash TWRP. I actually had to download GooManager to install TWRP. I'm assuming this will work? I did tell Goo to boot into recover and it did. But seems like I had to go about it all the wrong way.

    2. SuperSU is installed, but there is a major WAR going on in my phone and it has to do with Security and SuperSU. Seems Samsung has an security feature and let me tell you.... this think keeps blocking SuperSU and locks the phone up. So my Question I'm asking here is... Is there a way to disable it? remove it since I have root (But I have to do it fast before it locks the phone) I can disable SuperSU and the phone runs fine, but doesn't have Root Access anymore.

    3. ROMS I notice there are no ROMS for the Metro S4 and I can understand that it's new. I know I'm on the T-Mobile network now and see the T-Mobile forums rocking with 4.3 ROMS. So my question here is... Can we use T-Mobile ROMS? I Could care less if it booted and said T-Mobile. LOL Long as it works.


  2. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    Welcome to the forum!

    Not sure why you couldnt flash TWRP with odin. Yours is the first issue I've read about that. Goo is a great way to install TWRP too and the easiest and theres nothing wrong with it. Not sure what you mean by "go about it all the wrong way".

    Lookout security is the name of the app causing the issue right? The one with the shield. Remove it with a root explorer.

    Check the http://androidforums.com/metropcs-g...cial-metropcs-s4-root-information-thread.html for roms. You can flash most tmobile roms and thats why we dont have many of our own. There's not much reason to develop for ours when the Tmobile devs have done it for us. We do have a couple 4.2 roms and a 4.3 rom is in the works.

    Just about everything you needed to know can be found in the forum or by reading the all things root guide.
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  3. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    The Security thing I've seen on the other post is called KNOX from what I'm understanding. Not sure if it's just in 4.3.

    I'm happy with the ROM just want to find one Detoxed. I've ran or have used just about every flavor or ROMS out there. LOL Just think I'll stay stock (Yeah Right) for as long as I can. But like I said I'm trying to find a Detoxed stock rom 4.3.

    Thanks for all the info :)

  4. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    The security thing is only in 4.3 rick. There's both KNOX and Lookout Security I understand.

    Check the http://androidforums.com/metropcs-g...cial-metropcs-s4-root-information-thread.html for deodexed stock 4.3 Tmobile roms that have the KNOX removed and other important info you should look over. I'm working on one based on our firmware (though I think I may have to start over).

    Wait, Detoxed? Is that something else or do you mean deodexed?
  5. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    deodexed sorry auto correct has a mind of it's own.
  6. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'll wait until you release a deodexed stock ROM.

    Again Thanks for all the info and hard work you do for us.

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  7. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    You owe me a Coca Cola...:p
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  8. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of questions

    1st can I flash this ROM onto my Metro Phone?

    ★[ROM] [STOCK] M919UVUEMK2 | 4.3 | Deodexed | CIQ Free | KNOX Free | 12.11.2013 ☆ - xda-developers

    2nd I'm seeing Radio's again. I haven't seen anything about flashing Radio's since way back when I was on AT&T running HTC phones. Is this something we need to watch out for? If so.... Can our Metro Phones run T-Mobile Radio's? Basically we are T-Mobile right?

    I'm just trying to figure out what we (MetroPCS) users can and can't do with T-Mobile ROMS.

    *****I really think we need a Sticky in here explaining what we can and can't do with T-Mobile Stuff.*****

    I really wish XDA didn't hate MetroPCS so bad! lol It's so hard to get info out of those guys once they find out you're on MetroPCS.

  9. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    While you should be able to flash any Tmobile rom, sometimes, even though other users have reported success, for some reason it wont work properly on all of our phones. There's not much to be done about that when it happens.

    The rom you're interested is in listed in the unofficial all things root guide in our forum. I've installed it on my phone once before, so it should work for yours too. There are a bunch of roms in the UATR guide that should flash and run well. Check them out. The rom list takes some of the trial and error out of it.

    Yea, ignore the radios. They are not for you. Just flash the roms. Most roms (if not all) dont come with the radios anyway.

    The http://androidforums.com/metropcs-g...cial-metropcs-s4-root-information-thread.html is already sticky and has a majority of the necessary info you may need. Any other questions can be asked.

    XDA doesn't hate MetroPCS, they just look down on us as if we were bugs in the dirt :p
    I'm actually glad they have an aversion to all plans prepaid, I like our little forum better. Ask a question and you're not waiting forever for someone to help. They can keep XDA. Its like Fifty told me, "go 'head, switch the style up and if they hate, then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up"

    Ya herd?
  10. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    Ok Thanks Again!

    Yes I totally agree with you. I used XDA a lot back in the day but found this Forum and never went back. Much more friendly in here also response time is much better, Members take the time to answer your questions and don't bash you because you're a noob. XDA you have to do a lot of digging to find answers and they you can't get a straight answer.

    Why don't they combine the Metro and T-Mobile Galaxy S4 forums here?

    Also running the T-Mobile ROM will the Build.Prop affect it in anyway on our Phone?
  11. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    There was talk of merging the threads when I first made the switch to the MetroS4...but it didn't happen. Just as well I say.

    Build prop shouldn't matter.
  12. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    1 more question... I know I know I keep saying that but I'm trying to learn. lol

    I see Shabby said something about Upgrading to 4.3 is bad. My phone is on 4.3. But I've got it rooted and TWRP installed. What issues am I going to have? I know it was a fight rooting with KNOX raising hell and blocking everything even SuperSU.

    I'm trying to figure out is it a bad thing to be on 4.3? What can and can't I do?
  13. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    Now that youre on 4.3, you have the new 4.3 bootloader. If you root or flash with odin while on the 4.3 bootloader it will show that you modified the phone and you wont be able to return or repair the device under warranty if you need to. Theres no way to go back to the 4.2 bootloader. There is no Triangle Away for 4.3 to remove the traces of the modified device. You can check to see if the KNOX bootloader security has been tripped by booting into download mode and looking for the KNOX Warranty Void 0x0 line..If it says 0x1, your warranty is void.

    Heres a site that explains it further, its good reading, check it out...

    All you wanted to know about KNOX Void Warranty 0x1
  14. Rickinfl

    Rickinfl Well-Known Member

    Another Question... I'm flashed the T-Mobile Stock ROM and would that affect my Data and Wifi? Seems I have a harder time connecting. Right now I have 4 bars and 4G is on, but I can't browse the internet or do anything including email. Maybe the Modem? or it's using T-Mobile settings instead of Metro? Not sure where to even start looking :(

  15. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    It shouldn't effect data or WiFi but that doesn't mean it cant. I'm not sure what to tell you about your Wifi issue but for 4G, you can check out the UATRG thread and compare what our stock apn settings should be to what you have now. That may help. Though I have to tell you, I have yet to flash a true stock Tmobile rom that needed to be messed with in order to get data to work. They usually work 100% or not at all. Also, dont be shy about posting in the roms thread. They may be able to help too.

    Be aware that just because the rom is in the Tmobile section doesn't mean its definitely based off of the Tmobile firmware. They have roms from other devices there as well. These have been ported to work on the Tmobile S4 and while they work on their phone, it may not for ours.

    There are a few stock Tmobile roms available, if one isn't working properly for you, simply try another.

    Sorry i cant give you anything more concrete. Good luck.

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