[MetroPCS] AT&T Galaxy S4 on Metro PCS - how to update?

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  1. Stingroo

    Stingroo Well-Known Member

    My phone isn't rooted. It's just a box stock Galaxy S4. It was an unlocked AT&T phone that I bought and put on Metro PCS. It currently has Android 4.2.2

    How can I update to the latest version?


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    1) 4.3 and up in the AT&T version, locks the phone up tight. You can't flash ROMs to it. From 4.4 on, you can't even root it. Do you really want to update it?

    If so, you'll have to go to SamMobile Firmwares and see if they have an update for your model S4 for AT&T. (Flashing a different carrier's ROM to it could brick the phone.) AT&T won't send you an update because you're not their customer, and MetroPCS can't, because they don't get AT&T updates.
  3. Stingroo

    Stingroo Well-Known Member

    Ah... so I would just be better off rooting and going that route, then, it seems.

    I don't mind doing it, I just haven't messed with this stuff in a long time (since I had a crappy LG Optimus a few years ago when I joined the forum), and I wasn't very tech savvy then - or now. lol

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