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  1. eljam82

    eljam82 New Member

    This is my first post in regards to the Galaxy Attain 4G.
    I work on a store which sells MetroPCS.

    I have seen this error on at least 4 phones being returned to us due to a signal error. Even after power off/on the phone it shows that.

    Also the phones are restarting on their own and one of them its always on media scanning the sd card.

    Is there a way how to deal with all these problems?

    Thanks for any feedback.


  2. Gadget Lovers

    Gadget Lovers Well-Known Member

    Try doing a factory data reset
  3. robcat67

    robcat67 New Member

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy Attain for about a month and just started having the same problem a few days ago.

    It seems to be happening more frequently. I'm backing up all of my data and will try to do a factory reset like Gadget Lovers suggested.

    I bought my Attain at Best Buy with a Geek Squad warranty, so if I've got a lemon I can exchange it under warranty.
  4. bowtomecha

    bowtomecha Active Member

    This happened to me constantly. Every damn time I used rhapsody it would freeze/half assed restart in the middle of a song. Media scan and total cut of connection would happen. I did a factory reset two days ago and played rhapsody constantly all day and I haven't seen any problems. I deleted whatever metro apps I could when I first got the phone so I'm wondering if that might have done something. I had juice defender but took it off in case it was being pesky with the phone. So far no problems though.
  5. bowtomecha

    bowtomecha Active Member

    Keep us informed if you managed to correct this with this method. Also if you notice any particular apps you delete or add that seem to contribute to the problem.
  6. sooze

    sooze Member

    I just joined for this reason. Hopefully I can get some help. My Galaxy Attain does some odd reset, Black screen, I lose connection for a couple seconds (even minutes) like the picture in the OP, media scanner starts running as if I unplugged it from my computer or just turned it on. Its starts off with a black screen and then a subtle vibrate, then returns to my lock-screen. It does not matter what im doing, texting, surfing the web on WiFi, you-tube, it even happens when I'm on the home screen. Even after a HARD reset and not deleting any bloatware from Metro that has the option to be removed, it still happens, and this is my second attain. Same problem as the first one. I used to have the indulge, other than my battery life, there were no problems. Cant remember this happening with the indulge. I don't even want to root it because of this. Does anyone know whats going on? MetroPCS doesn't. This happens 3-5 times a day that I notice. This thread seems to be closed or something. Someone please shed some light on this problem for me.

  7. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Have you made sure you aren't running into a no ram situation? I've noticed that this phone seems to use a ton of ram even without (user) apps running in the background.
  8. sooze

    sooze Member

    hey thanks for the input, Its not a ram problem though, and i know this phone uses a lot of ram, even when i have no apps open, but its something else. uptime is 4 hours now since a crazy reboot. i just had 12 apps open at once, just to see what would happen. i was at about 35MB away from 380MB, if it was a ram problem it would have happened by now. this problem will not go away overnight. it needs an over the air update that will probably never come.

    .....tokenpoke, have you never experienced this? also is your baseband for CDMA EL03 while LTE is EL01?
  9. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Funny... I got an ota update... um lemme check base and lte... brb

    Yup and PDA is fc01 or something
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  10. sooze

    sooze Member

    woaa when did you get your update? i havent got anything since i got this phone last week. i know that OTA's roll out to different parts of the country at different times, your in miami i'm in boston. lets see if i get anything..

    where can i see pda? fyi i didnt root it yet. waiting to see if the phone is defective or just because i live in boston...
  11. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    I kept a screenshot after the update (press home and power when the phone is booted... no app needed)

    Lemme look around, it would be in "about phone"
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  12. Havocx23

    Havocx23 Well-Known Member

    How would you know if you got an ota update? Does it prompt you to install it? And is there any way to do it manually?
  13. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    The phone will reboot its self and show a window that says "enhancement complete"... I think it did something else too but I can't remember.

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