[MetroPCS] flashing t-mobile rom

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  1. bluriderz313

    bluriderz313 New Member

    Hey there, just wanted to let everone know that the sgs4 from metro pcs works with t-mobile rom. For the pass 2 weeks I've flash most of t-mobile rom and it works flawlessly my rom right now is Infamous 2.5 now updating to 3.2.

  2. jtw1216

    jtw1216 Well-Known Member

    Lol you're way behind lol. Infamous 8.0 is out now
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  3. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    And many of us here are using T-Mobile Roms since the Metro GS4 came out.
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  4. bluriderz313

    bluriderz313 New Member

    I thought that no one knows because they dont post any roms to download here.
  5. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Yeah basically all the roms are in xda, then in the op the links show for xda.

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