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MetroPCS Galaxy S3 Free Flip Cover?General

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  1. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    So I bought my S3 from metropcs.com online today at 9:00a.m. today and it's now 8:32p.m.

    According to:

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S

  2. Sayasugizo

    Sayasugizo Well-Known Member

    Same for me too
  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Huey Free likes this.
  4. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    lol Thanks. I read everything besides that lol. The sales people said it'd arrive in the second email though, but I'm pretty sure this is more legit.
  5. Sayasugizo

    Sayasugizo Well-Known Member

    They just put that message there after someone mentioned the promo code thing on their facebook :p
  6. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    Update: Got my promo code 2 days after receiving my S3 in the mail.

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