MetroPCS Galaxy S3 Online Colors?General

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  1. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    Does anyone know what colors it comes in? I'm lookin' at the site right now and it only shows pictures of the white one. Has anyone ordered online and received the pebble blue one?

  2. PRkid

    PRkid Well-Known Member

    Supposedly its only going to be available in the white color :/
  3. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    Weakk. I guess I'm stuck with the white then. Thanks
  4. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    you get a free colored cover tho ;)
  5. andrzewi

    andrzewi Well-Known Member

    I've ordered pebble blue online and got it in July from Rogers in Ontario, Canada.
  6. danielunde

    danielunde Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine online and it's definitely white! Anyways for MetroPCS! :)

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