[MetroPCS] I miss the Metro forums more than ever

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  1. haxmethod

    haxmethod Well-Known Member

    I wish i would have waited to get my S4 from MetroPCS. Instead my impatience drove me to Verizon. Not only am i now stuck in a contract, their s4 all things root forum just is not the same to say the least. As always you guys are getting work done and it doesn't take you 10 days to answer simple questions. Oh well, back to the Verizon forum i go :/

  2. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Well-Known Member

    Same here man. I got the tmobile gs4 and whenever I ask a question they take forever to respond. I miss the metropcs forums, but im always checking there forums even though I'm not with them anymore.
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  3. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Hey cocho I have the tmobile s4 and I have had a good experience over at xda of course I miss my boys from here but overall people have been cool
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    If you guys are having issues getting answers to your questions on those forums I will be more than happy to throw in some staff support on those forums, just say the word :)

    I will also check them out, I am a Verizon guy so I would be more than happy to throw some looks over there!
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