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  1. unlimitedammo

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    This process is now broken on restart. You can however copy and paste the file each time and you will get hotspot till the next reboot.
    Stay tuned I am working on it!

    This is a quick way to remove the tethering restriction. It has been tested and working on the stock rom 4.2.2

    1 root

    2 some type of recovery installed

    3 a root explorer

    4 Replace the tetheringprovision.apk file in

    in the /system/app directory

    5 delete tetheringprovision.odex file in the /system/app directory

    6 Change the permissions of tetheringprovision.apk to 0644/rw-r--r--

    7 reboot in recovery and clear your Dalvik cache

    Your all done! Please show some love!

    I am not responsible for anything you do with YOUR phone.

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  2. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    It does not work for me. Thanks anyway.
  3. unlimitedammo

    unlimitedammo Member

    Did you remove the odex and clear the dalvik?
  4. Castielx1

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    Didnt work
  5. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    Yes and it didn't work.
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