[MetroPCS] No throttling mod and native tether mod

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  1. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Well-Known Member

  2. ReViZeD

    ReViZeD Active Member

    i would but after all that drama at the end of the instuctions/programming he said "this works "best" with those who DONT have the unlimited plan.

    so i suppose after all that drama i could do all that and it might not qualitfy for being the "best" scenario and therefore "not" work. maybe someone else with the "best" optimal settings should give it a go

    i got the unlimted plan and i think they can find out better with that plan
  3. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Well-Known Member


    The native app tether is for everyone, its just the throttling part that is for people who dont have the unlimited plan? I can pull out the files from my phone so you can do a flashable zip and ill flash it when you do the changes and ill let you know if it works. I dont have the unlimited plan?
  4. Android?What!?

    Android?What!? Well-Known Member

    If a zip were made I'd test it, I have the $50 plan

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