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Metropcs question!!General

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  1. metropcsgurl

    metropcsgurl New Member

    okay so I want to get the new lg optimus m (from metropcs) but the thing is you have to have the $50 plan and I'm currently on the family plan with my mom dad and sister ($25 a line) so my question is would my parents just pay the extra $25 or would it be $50 in addition to the $25 per line? I really need to know because my parents said that would be tooo expensive if it was $75 in addition to our like $117 bill.

  2. plumpy

    plumpy Active Member

    I have family plan but wit only 2 lines.
    There will no $25 dollar addition but the $25 will become $45 cus wit fam plans they take out $5 to each line
    only ur line would change not the others also
  3. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    what he said
  4. plumpy

    plumpy Active Member

    u didnt understand wat i wrote.Im a female btw. lol
    Ur line will be the only line to change from $25
    The rest will stay the same
    I dont knw if u knw that metro's fam plan takes $5 off each line
    So if u gotta have $50 plan on lg fone
    It will be $45 plus other fones fees
    Call 611 so u can be sure
  5. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    You are not going to have to pay for your current plan, Just $50 for metro. Before switching to another carrier find out you current carrier penalties for breaking out of the contract (if it exists of cause).

    If you are going with metro, there are things you need to know. First of all (what I was told in the store) $50 plan will only last for a year then $60. Other thing is return policy, 7 days and less than 60 min of talk time. So pick the phone wisely. And yes you get $5 off with metro on every line in the family plan.
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  6. metropcsgurl

    metropcsgurl New Member

    thanks so it will be 45 a month and then 60 the next year? I will probably clear all this up at the metro store but I won't even get there until I convince my parents it's cheap lol.

    Oh and I was wondering can my parents see my call log, texts, ect. On the bill? I thought u could only get that for court but my mom says there is detailed billing. I don't think she's planning on doing it not that I care I'm more of a facebooker so I am barely on my phone just my computer lol.
  7. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    Here is how my plan breaks down

    Me 50 smartphone
    Wife 50 smartphone
    Son 40 non smartphone

    140-5( 5 dollar discount after the 3rd line)
    So I pay 135.
  8. Muzramp

    Muzramp Well-Known Member

    Heres my planbreak
    I have my brother on my line, I pay $88 a month.
    I have a LG optmius M(Smartpphone plan plus insurance makes my bill alone 58$
    He has the Samsung freefrom II( nonsmartphone plan is $40 -$ for the family plan.
    Your other family members bill will remain the same. Yours will be $50 Metro PCS doesn't subtract $5 off for the smartphone plans.

    Whoever said your bill will be $60 next year is way off. $60 is only for the smasung craft phone because it has 4g.
  9. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    I've being using MetroPCS almost since the beginning and using a Family Plan from the first day Metro released it with my wife and my son. I had a regular phone, after that a Blackberry with Smartphone plan and now I have my Optimus and the way the Family plan works is easy:
    $5.00 less from each line, no more no less. 5 less from yours, 5 less from the other line and 5 less from the third one. No matter what plan you have is going to be $5.00 less from each line and BTW they wont rise anything after a year.
  10. metropcsgurl

    metropcsgurl New Member

    okay thanks guys now I understand!
  11. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I don't believe that part -- dropping the $50 plan. Metro just announced LTE pricing plans and they mirror the CDMA pricing plans -- $40, $50, and $60. $50 plan is the sweet spot; Metro knows that. Otherwise people on the $40 plan would never upgrade as the next jump up is $20. :eek: That $50 price point is too useful.


    My wife and I both have Optimus M, on the $50 plan ($50 each) + insurance ($4 each) + MetroBackup ($1 each). 2 x $55 each = $110. But then throw in the $5 each discount on the family plan and it's an even $100 per month, back to $50 each.

    I like how the family plan discount basically pays for the handset insurance.

    Yeah, we are soon going to drop the Metrobackup since we now have all our phone contacts synced with Gmail contacts. But we needed it on our old phones.
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  12. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Well-Known Member

    The iSMT, 50 plan, is a new plan, if you family is on an older plan, we would need to see the comparable new plans, the lowest being the i40. What we would do is convert them to i40fam and you to a iSMTfam, for 3 phones your looking at $115 without insurance or any addons!

    p.s. I am right, I work at metro, I am superior. :D
  13. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Well-Known Member

    You can get detailed billing, for phone numbers only, you can't see texts or anything like that you would have to get a supoena, the special Blackberry plan was 50 for a little bit but now its back up to 60, if you got it while it was 50 you would only have it for a year and it would go up to 60. If you get the Optimus, it would be just $115 and it would stay that way as long as you didn't change the plan, or get a higher rate plan phone, i.e. Blackberry or Unlimited 4G
  14. reilus

    reilus Well-Known Member

    Tell them you want 5 dollars off per line on the family plan. I got the 50 dollar plan for 45. Just work your mojo; it'll happen.
  15. aaron510

    aaron510 New Member

    I'm presently on a similar family plan: $100 plus tax per month for four lines. I just tried to change my own phone from a not-so-'smart' one to a Samsung Finesse that was given to me recently, and was told that the monthly charge for the plan would go from $100 to $155! This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, since keeping the original four lines and starting a new $50-per-month account for the Finesse would cost $150 for five phones, as opposed to $155 for four.

    The worker I spoke with didn't seem very knowledgeable and had to look things up a couple of times before coming up with that figure. I'm hoping she was wrong, but is there any way, aside from going into a company store, to get authoritative information?
  16. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Well-Known Member

    They are kind of right. You are on an older plan that we offered when we didn't have smart phones. The thing is with that promo, if you put a line on the account that does not fit with the plan you have to convert all lines to a new plan. For 4 phone on a new plan with no addons (insurance, 411 ect) it would come to $150. The plan you have now is the best plan you could be on for 4 phones. The thing is if you do add the Finesse you cannot go back to the 4 for a 100. Your best bet is either to activate on a new line and have 5 phones or get a nonsmart phone.
    Hope that clears some things up
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  17. aaron510

    aaron510 New Member

    That's pretty much what I've been thinking since I last edited my post. What "dumb" phones would you recommend to give me decent web browsing capability? I'm mostly concerned with being able to access textual information (schedules, news updates, etc.) and to enter text on a web page, preferably with a full (real or maybe virtual) keyboard. I don't care much about video or images, but would like a decent-sized screen so that I wouldn't have to scroll excessively.

    BTW, can I change one of the phone numbers under the old plan I'm on without going off the plan?
  18. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Well-Known Member

    The LG Banter has been a decent phone. It has the full touchscreen, HTML browser, full physical keyboard and virtual T9, it is actually one of the only nonsmart phones that also has video capture. I would go with that one. You can change your phone numbers without losing the old plan, we charge 5 dollars in this market, I don't know how much other markets charge.
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  19. aaron510

    aaron510 New Member

    Unfortunately, the $149+tax for the LG Banter is more than I'm ready to spend, unless I can get a good price for my used Samsung Finesse. As for video capture, I'm swimming in cameras, camcorders and camera phones, all of which allow me to easily download videos to my computer, so that's not important.
    Is there any way, incidentally, of using a MetroPCS phone (not a Smartphone) as a modem with a PDA or a notebook, using Bluetooth or even USB between the phone and the other device?
  20. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Well-Known Member

    Not going to happen. The network is too slow. You can file tranfer with most phones over bluetooth, but thats about it.

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