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  1. ABassLineLow

    ABassLineLow Member

    Is there any compelling reason to buy the Galaxy S3 over the Spirit? As far as specs go, the only differences I see are ~.6GHz of processing power and twice the amount of RAM. Is there anything else that sets the two apart? Is there anything that justifies the $300 price difference?

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I moved your thread here for better comparisons. Good luck.
  3. ABassLineLow

    ABassLineLow Member

    Heh. Hopefully it fairs better than the last Spirit vs. Galaxy S3 thread that was moved to this forum...
  4. Sepero

    Sepero Linux Guru

    From what I've seen, the SGS3 has:

    • bigger display and higher resolution
    • higher quality audio (speakers, mic, everything)
    • much higher quality video/camera capture (megapixels aren't everything)
    • twice the ram, 2GB
    • four times the internal storage, 16GB
    • longer battery life
    • a huge amount more developer community support
    • android 4.2 jelly bean
    • can replace the system with cyanogenmod 10

    Anything I'm missing? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any of these.

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