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MetroPCS Sends Code to Unlock S4 -- with No Instructions!Support

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  1. Flaspeneer

    Flaspeneer Well-Known Member

    So I've owned my S4 for 90 days and paid my bills on time. As other S4 owners on MetroPCS will tell you, that made me eligible for an unlocking code -- as the MetroPCS salesperson who convinced me to buy the phone assured me it would.

    Sure enough, after requesting the code, I received a ticket number and, three days later, was sent a "network code" and a "service provider code" -- and no instructions whatsoever!

    Since then, I've called MetroPCS and gotten customer service people with no idea what to do -- "ask your new carrier to do it" was the common answer. Eventually, I called the corporate office in Harlem and was subjected to one of the rudest women I've ever encountered. When I explained that I had a ticket number for the request, she chanted "MetroPCS doesn't unlock phones!" loudly and at a continually escalating volume -- it was like being stuck in a room with the most obnoxious character in a reality TV show. When I tried to tell her to look up my account, and that MetroPCs had in fact sent me the code she said was "illegal," she continued to yell the words until she hung up on me.

    Trust me: This is a process I was promised from the first day I bought the phone. I've been a good customer and waited 90 days. I didn't even want to change carriers just yet (though that woman is making me reconsider!). All I want is to be able to swap the SIM when I leave the country and root my phone while using it on the GSM carrier of my choice. As long as the phone I bought outright is locked, I can't do either thing.

    I realize that discussions about unlocking phones without permission is forbidden on these forums, but MetroPCS gave me permission! They just don't seem to know how to do the thing they gave me permission to do!

    I was on the phone with MetroPCS for a solid hour today. I'd rather give myself a home vasectomy than go through that again.

  2. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo Well-Known Member

    did you press the unlock button?
  3. Flaspeneer

    Flaspeneer Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about Set up SIM Card Lock option under the Security menu? That offers the option to lock a SIM but not, so far as I know, how to unlock one.

    I'd be interested to know which lock button you're talking about, but before I pressed any such button, I'd want coherent instructions and to know what to do after that.

    Shouldn't the carrier that provides the codes be able to tell you how to use them?
  4. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    Though I've never done it, isn't the traditional way to unlock the SIM to insert the new SIM that you want to use and it should then bring up a prompt to unlock. Maybe one of those more familiar with GSM phones can confirm or fix my assumption.
  5. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's the way it works in the UK. Insert a SIM from a different carrier and then enter the unlock code when prompted.

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