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metropcs service glitchy!Support

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  1. koolsk8ter111

    koolsk8ter111 Well-Known Member

    if you read my previous posts. I talked about how I was getting a lot of choppiness in my calls. I found out that my brother is getting the same issues with his phone. and we are in a area with the best coverage. we live in Brooklyn new York. he has a Samsung freeform 2. I have an optimus obviously. sometimes I call the automated machine (611) and it gets really choppy that you can't hear a single thing. we both are experiencing choppiness. I tested his phone and it cuts out like mine. so I guess my phone isn't defective?

  2. Recreation

    Recreation Well-Known Member

    That phone is a piece of crap. I onced had it. The calling signal for that phone is awful. My guess is, it's not defective... just cheap lol

    Edit- I meant the freeform 2 is cheap. If you really believe your phone is defective and you got yours from metro legit then you can go to a metro store, explain, and they should give you a new/replacement phone for $10... at least in NJ they do
  3. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member

    here where i live, i get 3g and all bars are full like 75% of the time, the 25% left i have at least 2 bars on 1x.
  4. koolsk8ter111

    koolsk8ter111 Well-Known Member

    I'm in a best coverage zone so idk

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