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  1. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    I have the Galaxy Indulge, obviously, and I was thinking about switching to the 40 dollar rate plan because most of the garbage associated with the 50/60 dollar plans I don't use. My question though is in regards to the amount of "data" provided with each plan. Example- The $40 plan allows 100mb, the $50 plan allows 1gb and $60 plan is unlimited.

    What EXACTLY counts as "data" and will be deducted from the amount that I receive each month? It says streaming data and downloads but does this include downloads from Market, posts on Facebook or simply browsing the web or Market? I dont watch video's except for youtube videos which is rare. I don't send multimedia emails or stuff like that. I download apps from market and surf the web/facebook. So that's why I was thinking about switching to the $40 plan but only if 100mb is enough for me. Does this make sense to where someone can answer my question?

    Thank you for your time in reading my post.

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that the indulge on metroPCS was limited to only the $50 and $60 plans.
    I believe the $40 4G plan is only for the samsung craft, aka samsuck cr*p.
    I, along with most others I would imagine, have no idea what data refers to. The prevailing theory is that it is the data usage through metroSTUDIO, and that no other data counts, because all our data gauges are always at zero, no matter how much we (ab)use the 4G network...
  3. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Well the 40 option shows up when i go to change my plan as a possible option to change it to. I don't know. I haven't actually tried switching it yet.
  4. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    So I just changed my plan to the 40 dollar plan with no problems. I think this is new by Metro because next to the 100mb listed for data under the plan details it says NEW. Idk. Pretty bad ass if everything works with no problems. I live right on the line of 4G in my area so 75 percent of the time I don't have access to 4G so I think this plan might serve me well as far as data usage. If I knew exactly what Metro charged towards your data that is.
  5. TurnerJ

    TurnerJ Member

    I work for a metro pcs authorized dealer location. And yes marketplace content is included in your download limit. Anything using bandwidth on the phone is considered bitting into your download time. It's ridiculous as all hell but you pay for what you get right? Also I just got a new email from corporate stating that the galaxy can no longer be used on the 40 4GLTE Plan. It's posted on the site now under the galaxy. Here's the link:

    MetroPCS | Phone Details)
  6. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Well being that I am on the 40 dollar plan will I be grandfathered in or will they make me change plans?
  7. TurnerJ

    TurnerJ Member

    Since you are already on the $40 plan they will grandfather you in. They can't change your account with out your approval (No matter what others will say about metro this is against policy). But if you do at anytime take yourself off of the $40 plan you will not be able to get back on it. When I create customer accounts and program the phones it gives me tabs as to which plan they would like to have. The $40 doesn't even show up anymore.
  8. x94cherry

    x94cherry New Member

    I just switched my Galaxy Indulge from the $50 to the $40 plan, no problem. When I activated my phone in July, they told me I had to go with a $50 or above plan, but apparently that's not really the case.

    I'll see how the data situation plays out. 100MB wouldn't be nearly enough for me, but the website makes it sound like MetroStudio content is all that counts toward the limit, and I don't use it.
  9. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the only things ive done since I switched was facebook, market and youtube. Im sitting at 35 percent. So i guess everything counts towards your data usage. Idk. Im outside the 4g area so it works for me.
  10. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    METRO F**KING SUX! I got my new indulge under warranty today and just because I switched my number to my rinky dink kyocera for the time being while i waited for my indulge to come to the corporate office ... I LOST my unlimited GRANDFATHERED $50 4G data/youtube PLAN!!!


    Im on the regular $50 4g plan now so I'll see how this goes, if anything i'll switch to the 60. At work I stream vids all night, the customer service rep told me you can only stream for about 8 hours a month...... we'll see.
  11. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    well in the past it only counted against your cap if you used certain apps to stream the content but they have already started changing that i think.

    Aside from that, you cant put a 4g plan on a non 4g phone so of course you would lose it. sucks, sorry for ya man.
  12. TurnerJ

    TurnerJ Member

    As I stated earlier any changes made to you plan on your account will give metro the chance to kick you off the grandfathered $40 4G plan for the galaxy indulge. Switching to a non-4G plan automatically kicks you down to a normal plan. Even though you were grandfathered in with your 4g plan original you will lose it if you make changes even temporarily switching to another phone. It's the same way with the 4 lines for $100 promo we are running on the regular lines.
  13. OnyxJay

    OnyxJay Active Member

    "You Get What You Pay For"... which is why I don't mind paying the $60/month. Still better than Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or Death Star (err, AT&T.)
  14. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Well-Known Member

    It may automatically drop you from old plan but you are able to get it back. When a employee says they cant, They are wrong

    I know this for fact. It takes a higher level supervisor to do the changes.
    This is customer service and should be done for someone only in special circumstances.
  15. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Here that heavyweightgd6?
    Sounds to me like it's time to go throw your weight around...
    Were I you, I would FIGHT for this plan.
    I just upgraded my GF's dumbphone to the Esteem for Xmas. I made DANM SURE they would not touch my 4g plan because I've upgraded her to 4g. With enough tact (but not too much noise ;)) you can do it to.
    My killer smile gets me a lot of things...
  16. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ I wish I can how i used to in a boxing ring... I would love to go a round or two with a metro customer service rep! lol Im calling these guys NOW
  17. cafonez

    cafonez Well-Known Member

    for those not getting monitored with data usage, have you taken out the metro proxy in the phone vs those who have not taken out the metro proxy server? Maybe the data counting is in early stages as they roll out to different phases of lte and a proxy server was the best way to cap/throttle/count data usage?
  18. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    After 51 minutes of waiting an back forth nonsense, metro will NOT put me back on my original plan... My meter hasnt moved, I think they are just lazy or havent figured out a way to count data yet..... metro sux
  19. TurnerJ

    TurnerJ Member

    It's not that we are wrong when we say we can't change the plan back. It all depends on the store you go to. Most Metro Pcs stores these days (like the one I work for) are 3rd party Companies. We are Authorized Metro Pcs Dealers, not a Corporate Store. Therefore they lock out our systems so that all we can do is create accounts and modify plans. But we are not able to modify the plans to a plan corporate no longer offers. To even cancel an account or change a number we have to call our dealer support group and have them take care of it.

    My advice, go to a Corporate Metro Store if you want to try to get back on the 4G $40 service plan. But also be warned, if you have changed your plan, the longer you wait to try and get back to the $40 plan, the less chance you have of getting it.
  20. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming you tried changing to the 40 dollars plan from your account on Metro's website? That's how I did mine. Yeah my meter has been at 36 percent for weeks, even though Im constantly in the 4G area now and have been browsing the web and downloading from market. Hasn't moved in a week. IDK. It's metro dude what can you expect? Enjoy the fact that at no matter what price you pay you are still at HALF the price of what these other idiots pay for their trendy Iphone's and Galaxy s2's with those ass raping money stealing phone companies. They ought to be arrested for stealing peoples money like that. 120 dollars for a ****ing phone bill? Come the **** on. Ugh. I gotta stop there or Ill go on forever..................
  21. thefowlerfam

    thefowlerfam Well-Known Member Contributor

    They did something similar to me. It says that they will cancel your account if you miss 2 consecutive payments. Which would be about 60 days. I had some money issues one month and came in to pay my bill. I was 21 days late from my 1st due date. They canceled my account made me get a new number and then wanted to charge me a extra $20 to reconnect it. I ended up using a credit card over the phone because there was no $20 reconnect fee, but I still had to get a new number and lost my $50 a month unlimited plan. I've been with MetroPcs since 2005. This was the 1st problem I've ever had with them. The rep at the store told me the website was wrong when I showed him that if I missed 2 payments then my account would be canceled. I still had over a week until my 2nd bill was due...
  22. TurnerJ

    TurnerJ Member

    In your case your rep pretty much screwed you over to put it bluntly. It's true that after you miss your first months payment you get one more month to make a payment before the account is cancelled. When you came in with two weeks left the Rep should have ased you if you wanted to do a bill cycle reset. If you went and just payed your bill normally you would have only recieved two weeks of service until it was cut off again. The rep is supposed to ask if you want to do the bill cycle reset which costs $5.57 and just goes on your bill. This resets the bill date to the day before you came in (ex. if you came in on the 27th your bill would be due the next month on the 26th).

    Also the normal reactivation fee in a shop is $15 so they were trying to screw you there as well.
  23. pl0323

    pl0323 Well-Known Member

    I have unlimited GRANDFATHERED $50 4G data/youtube PLAN. So if I change to the $40 4G plan youtube will be considered in the 100mb streaming?
    What else would be considered streaming?

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