MFE Support on Galaxy Pro (and/or Galaxy 551)Support

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    Aug 17, 2011
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    Also posted in Galaxy 551 for help, copying here also!

    Looking for some help on MFE support on these Samsung models.

    While my corporate MFE support works well with E63/N97/iPhone/etc, it does not with N900, with a reason that provisioning is not supported by N900 (good for the vendor that they are downhill now).

    I'm looking for whether these Samsung phones support MFE, e.g.
    1. lock key-pad with 6-dig pin
    2. Able to synch emails, calendar, contacts using MFE ?
    3. Can send a new email? Can do other normal Email functions (reply, reply-all, forward, etc).
    4. Can accept emails from corporate email with attachments ?
    5. Support "provisioning" of Exchange requirements (in the way E63/etc do !)?

    Once bitten twice shy! So, just trying to find as much before I burn another hole in pocket.

    Thanks for help !


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