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Mhl 2.0?Support

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  1. yeaforme

    yeaforme New Member

    Just curious if anyone else knows if the Google Play edition of the S4 supports MHL 2.0. The normal GT-I9505 S4 does, but I have had no luck with it on my GPe S4 (GT-I9505G).

    I purchased an MHL HDTV Smart Adapter that is MHL 2.0 compliant (MHL 2.0 allows the phone to get power directly through the adapter from the TV rather than having to plug in a separate power cord) directly from Samsung, but it fails to power my device without also plugging in a separate power cord. I called up Samsung and they told me they don't support the GPe version of the S4, and I called up Google and got some 16 year old kid who didn't even know what MHL was. I have since sent that cord back and received another one from Samsung, but the new cord also fails to power the device directly from the TV. That would lead me to believe that the GPe S4 is not MHL 2.0 compliant, but all my internet searches tell me it should be.

    Anyone know if GPe is MHL 2.0 compliant or not and had success with the MHL 2.0 HDTV Smart Adapter?

  2. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    I can confirm that it uses the newer 11-pin setup, as my S4 GPe didn't work with my old MHL 1.0 cable. I had to get the 11-pin adapter.

    Haven't tried it with 2.0, but had assumed that it would work. This is sad news if true as I was planning on purchasing the cable eventually. I can confirm the port at least supports USB on the go (OTG).

    I saw your post over at XDA while Googling it myself right now. My only question is, where did you get the MHL cable from? Was it Samsung direct? There are a LOT of fakes on Ebay and Amazon that are actually MHL 1.0 being sold as Samsung MHL 2.0 adapters.

    Also, check to see if it's outputting at 1080p 60hz. When plugged into MHL 1.0, mine does 1080p 30hz, and that's a key difference.
  3. yeaforme

    yeaforme New Member

    The first cable I purchased was from some Amazon reseller - and it didn't work at all. I read the same thing about fakes so I went straight to Samsung and purchased it directly from their site. The second cable (the first one they sent) worked fine EXCEPT for no MHL 2.0 power through the TV. I sent that one back and recently got a second from them (third overall) and it has the same no-MHL-2.0-power-through-the-cable problem as the last one.

    How do I check on the Hz?

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