MHL adapter? micro usb to TV HDMITips

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  1. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried to link their "Z" from the micro usb to a TV HDMI port?

    I know that sony are developing their MHL to HDMI adapter model IM750, but they don't seem to be available in the UK yet.

    I've just bought a cellapod adapter on amazon for

  2. BubbaHotepUK

    BubbaHotepUK Well-Known Member

    I bought a cheapo MHL adapter from Amazon (around
  3. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    Hi BubbaHotepUK,

    My MHL does need external power to work. I am a little disappointed with the performance of the adapter. When watching movies over wi-fi, they are all "jerky". I haven't tried the adapter with movies on the sd card.
    I am using the fastest Virgin cable for wi-fi, so it's not a problem with my internet that causing the movies to jump.
  4. BubbaHotepUK

    BubbaHotepUK Well-Known Member

    What video service are you using? I'll try mine with Netflix tonight. Generally that's a little jumpy for the first 30 seconds or so, but soon settles down.

    I certainly don't get any problems playing 1080p movies direct from the SD card. That's using MX Player, by the way, not the in-built video player.

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