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  1. skiflyer

    skiflyer Well-Known Member

    So I bought an MHL adapter from Amazon, supposedly it's from Samsung:

    It works alright, during Netflix streaming it will occasionally stutter, which is really obnoxious, but what can I do?

    My question is separate though - Netflix streaming + MHL + plugged in still results in a battery drain. Is there any way to turn off the phone screen and send the signal to the MHL adapter only?

  2. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    I can't answer your question; but does the MHL adapter charge your phone while it's plugged in? I've always wondered that because I've thought about using it for the same purpose (watch movies), but was worried about killing the phone in the middle of a movie. I'm guessing it depends on the TV/HDMI version though?

    Thanks (and sorry for the slight derail).
  3. skiflyer

    skiflyer Well-Known Member

    Yes it does charge it while it's plugged in, but not enough to keep up with 4G + Screen.

    Haven't been paying close attention to attention to how much battery drain I get from a movie - but I know if I start with less than 75% battery life I get a lot more clipping in and out then if I start fully charged. Not sure if that's coincidence or causal as I have a very small sample size so far.

    edit - it does charge because you plug the wall wart into the MHL adapter as well as the phone. And you definitely need to use the full 1amp wall charger to have a chance of MHL working right, I tried with an older .75amp charger and it was flashing out to black consistently.
  4. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    So here's a question... Anyone try plugging a 2A tablet charger into the adapter?
  5. kg2128

    kg2128 Well-Known Member

    If it is properly regulated it will draw the same amount of power as the phone charger. If it is not, it would draw too much power and damage the phone. I think those are the only 2 outcomes.
  6. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    Are you using the stock (1A) charger during the original scenario? Or is it another charger?
  7. skiflyer

    skiflyer Well-Known Member

    1amp charger that came in the box.

    I use a 2amp charger in my car and with 4g + pandora + navigation I can do the same thing without MHL even being in the loop.

    I think this phone just has some functions that can overdraw the 1amp it can charge from. Was hoping there was a way to modify the MHL functionality to put it back on the other side of that curve.
  8. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    The only other thing I could think of off-hand, would be to use something like Tasker, and set up a profile to drop your screen brightness all the way down when you're Netflixing, and see if that helps at all. (I haven't got my MHL yet, so you may already be doing this, in which case, ignore my suggestion :) )
  9. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Link to a 2A car charger? I've never seen any wall or car charger over 1 Amp. I wouldn't think that any phone would accept any more power than the stock wall charger that came wither it either (950mAh - 1A).
  10. Sailing_Nut

    Sailing_Nut Well-Known Member

    The problem here probably lies in the fact that the phone (pre Android spec.) must see the two data pins of the USB connector shorted together to recognize a charger as a high capacity (1A) charger. Being that you are using the MHL adapter it is using the data pins for it's output so there is no way for the phone to identify a high capacity charger.

    While you have the MHL adapter plugged in, you can go to the battery info page. When connected to the MHL adapter you will likley see "Charging (USB)" but if you plug in the wall charger directly you will see "Charding (AC)"

    This is done to prevent damage to USB devices since the USB specification calls for a maximum of 0.5A from a USB port.
  11. mrsmith2002

    mrsmith2002 Member

    At least if it's a GS3 you're using, all you need is one of two things, either (1)wall-plug-in using the cable that came with the phone, out from the phone to USB on the adapter that also came with the phone(the Samsung-brand MHL adapter has a jack for plugging in an external power source), or (2)An external battery supply so you don't need to hunt around for or need an extension cord to a wall socket(a LuckyPacks LP5400 does the trick in this option). As far as the phone's screen, at that point it is irrelevant since the battery would be charged all the time the MHL adapter is being used anyway. But I have a question for you: on the HDTV you're using, do Netflix 2.35 program sources appear surrounded by four black bars? I don't have this problem with 1.85 Netflix program sources. It's irritating, because the four black bars mean about 20% of the total screen area is dark, and the picture smaller than it should be.
  12. mrsmith2002

    mrsmith2002 Member

    No, you need an external power source; in fact, I find the Samsung branded MHL adapter will not work at all on the GS3 absent such an external power source connected to it - either wall socket or external battery pak.
  13. skiflyer

    skiflyer Well-Known Member

    1st... you're wrong about the power supply issue. The problem is that the phone sees the MHL adapter as USB and only charges at 500mA... with the screen on, 4g streaming, MHL out that's a net battery drain. I'd still like to find a way to workaround that, but never did find one and my MHL adapter is now in storage gathering dust somewhere. I'm wondering if the Franco Kernel fast charge option would take care of it or if it turns off the data pins. Unfortunately by the time I had that idea I'd already shoved the adapter in a random box.

    2nd... yes to your netflix streaming question. I never bothered to figure out which ones did what, but I definitely had several movies and shows that come through with 4 bars on them. My TV has a zoom mode to handle that, couldn't find anything in the netflix settings to deal with.
  14. mrsmith2002

    mrsmith2002 Member

    As to item (1), I've not found that to be the case - at least in using the Samsung-brand MHL adapter, with a LuckyPack LP5400 as the external power source. I've carefully made it a point to check the charge on the phone after an hour or so of watching on my HDTV, and the charge is never less than it was when the MHL was first connected and used. Are you saying the charge should be DEPLETED when so using?

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