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  1. Kasser

    Kasser Well-Known Member

    I asked about the MHL adaptor and the wifi cutting off issue when connecting an S2 to a TV a while back, but I got zero response. I also tried to answer someone having issues in another (developer based) forum (that shall remain nameless), but i was not worthy to post there, presumably because i'm not that into Star Trek.

    Anyway, to fix the issue i changed channels on my router, as recommended by a handful of people on the tinterwebs (changed from channel 1 to channel 13, using wifi analyser that i downloaded from android market to choose) - and bingo! Wifi now works with no issues at all, so I can stream live tv via filmon which was the main reason i bought the adaptor. So i can confirm this does work, instead of the advice of using a 'stronger charger'.

    Hope this helps someone! Peace :cool:

  2. amdaley

    amdaley Member

    Peace & Prosper :adore:
  3. drummingsim

    drummingsim New Member

    Spot on mate fixed it straight away! How wired though eh?
  4. Kasser

    Kasser Well-Known Member

    Awesome, glad it worked out for you guys. Strange stuff but i heard it may be because MHL relies on a signal so it interferes with the wifi signal?

    I danced around the room when it worked. I am not ashamed :D
  5. Apostrophes

    Apostrophes New Member

    I registered on this forum specifically to say this one thing to you Kasser: I love you.
  6. rytagg

    rytagg New Member

    I tried to change my channel to 13 on the wifi analyzer app but the wifi still cuts out. that is in the 2.4ghz part, right? any help would be greatly appreciated! really want to watch NHL gamecentre!
  7. Kasser

    Kasser Well-Known Member

    I would try other channels, restarting the phone each time perhaps - if the channels were 'crowded' mine wouldn't work either, and just so happened that channel 13 was the best for me. Mine was easy to set up on the router, showing me channels 1-14 and I just had to select one.

    If you use wifi analyser, or something similar that shows you the channels, would be best to use that to pick one. I'm no expert (obviously!) but this did the trick for me.

    Hope it works, really pi**ed me off while mine was not working.

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