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MHL HDMI Will not work on phone - Help?Support

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  1. mark1313

    mark1313 Member

    Hi everyone - first post, and could really use some help. Note I did search the forums, but nothing even close to a solution...

    I have had my Galaxy Nexus S 4G (Sprint) for a few months, and it is great. I finally received the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, and am loving it.

    A buddy of mine has a similar phone, and showed me how he could connect a Micro-USB to HDMI (MHL) adapter to his phone and output to his TV.

    So I purchased a Samsung adapter, plugged the power cord into it, then an HDMI cable connected to my Sony Bravia TV, and then finally into my phone.

    The phone's screen turned sideways and it showed charging, and the TV showed "MHL Signal" at the top....but "No Signal" as well. No video came up on the TV.

    I brought my phone and connector to my friend, who used his Bravia (slightly older set than mine) and plugged my adapter into his set - worked great on his phone, so it is not the adapter. Plugged my phone into my adapter - nothing. Plugged my phone into HIS adapter. Nothing.

    So everything is pointing back to the phone. (Note my phone was fully charged in all tests.) My question is: is there a setting somewhere that controls HDMI output on the phone? Could an app I installed be conflicting with that option? (I have the ap MX Player installed for example.) Wondering if anyone out there with more experience with this phone could offer me some suggestions.



  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    You know you are posting in the Galaxy Nexus forum? Sound like your device is actually a Galaxy S (based on your statement that you've had it for months and it just got updated to ICS). I apologize if I am misreading.
  3. mark1313

    mark1313 Member

    Hi Tim,

    Sorry - I thought I had the right forum. In "About Phone" in settings, it says exactly "Model Number: Nexus S 4G" - That would be a Samsung Galaxy Nexus right?

  4. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nope. That would be a Nexus S 4G.

    Here's the correct forum: http://androidforums.com/nexus-s-4g/ For some bizarre reason they don't list it as a Samsung Nexus S here on Phandroid.

    For specs on your phone....


    Samsung Nexus S 4G Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

    Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone

    And I don't believe that the Nexus S supports video out over USB. I saw threads on XDA looking for a way to hack it, but stock it is not supported. It is on the Galaxy Nexus which is probably why your buddies phone is capable of linking to the TV.
  5. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    moving this to the Nexus S 4G section for you. :cool:
  6. mark1313

    mark1313 Member

    Thanks for moving this.

    Can anyone who has a Nexus S confirm that USB-to-MHL/HDMI does not work? Has anyone been able to make this happen? And if so, any settings that need to be changed?

    Thanks again,

  7. mark1313

    mark1313 Member

    Really? No one with a Nexus S has ever tried to output to HDMI? Anyone? Bueller?
  8. ChrisKris

    ChrisKris New Member

    I have tried to use the MHL to HDML to TV. Doesn't appear to work on the NEXUS S 4G. I have done the same thing with a Samsung Infuse, It works for the Infuse, but doesn't want to work for the Nexus S. I really wish it would work as well, but untill someone figures out a fix for it, it doesn't appear it will work.

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