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  1. dillalade

    dillalade New Member

    Is anyone able to get th MHL/HDMI out to work?

    I bough 2 MHL adaptors, but the connector into the phone seems verrrrrrry tight and awkward.

    Can anyone report working MHL output and with what hardware?


  2. got_wood

    got_wood New Member

    I bought OEM units and when plugged in my TV does does not recognize the device and nothing displays. I did not see any setting in my unit which is a T-Mobile, can't find any online docs.
  3. RazoE

    RazoE Well-Known Member

  4. misteropinion

    misteropinion New Member

    I have successfully used the MHL adapter that monoprice carries, with the proviso that you have to hook up the USB to it for power.

    Is the picture great? It's OK, but I'm assuming that's a function of the particular adapter.

    You don't need the special 5pin-11pin adapter that the GS3 needs.

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