Mic going in and out???Support

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  1. jarin12ga

    jarin12ga Well-Known Member

    I had no issue's for about 6 mounts ,and love the phone.People are saying the phone is not clear and is always going in and out.I have to press it really hard to my face for people to hear me.But I never had to do that before??Im going to call boost and try a main reset from there end encase it is the service!

  2. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    Could just be something in the mic hole. Bad service. Wind. It could be a lot of stuff. Be sure to make sure you have clear service. Check the small mix hole beneath the home button. Make sure its clear. If all else fails maybe a factory reset or send it in to boost. Sorry you're having troubles. :(

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