Micro SD 32gb SD card Format on Computer but blank on MT4G..Help?Support

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  1. lionking1

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    I received a 32gb micro sd card for mytouch 4g. I attempted to format it on the phone and it didn't work, it went through the process of asking to erase everything but then didn't do anything further. I've formatted on my computer, it goes through the process of formatting I've added stuff on it but then when I put it in my phone, it shows blank card. Any ideas what to do?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Nothing wrong with it taking in you have already verified the SDCard being legit and done testing on it to see its not corrupted. Now the thing is when you see "Blank SDCard" which can be due to 2 things as #1 is UFS (Unsupported File System) which basicually means your file allocation table is corrupted and to read the raw data you have to manually reconstruct it. #2 it means you are just basically missing the standard Android setting files which you can just reformat it via MT4G and erase everything and it will write it. If you need help still let me know.
  3. No EDIT button for me :( as I forgot to mention when you click on the notification format SDcard you will see erase button grayed out and you can't select it, now IDK why that happens but you can do the work around I found which by simply pulling down the notification panel and sending it back to the top will make the erase button turn white so you can click it and use it, this is done via phone. If the SDCard is formatted properly then taking it as pbs is not changed to -ro /sdcard then it will basically write the files when you reboot. If it doesn't then I suggest you do the workaround I suggest above as that will yield result.
  4. lionking1

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    Ok I went under notification,and it says SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem. When I click then it gives me option to format, I click to format and then nothing happens.
  5. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    So how do I do the workaround? It seems that is the unsupported file system. Now, when I insert the SD card into the phone, it shows blank sd card, i go to setting and do a format, then click erase everything then nothing happens. It's letting me go through all the functions but not responding. Tell me how to set this up? It's so frusterating!
  6. Ok lets start this from the beginning and troubleshoot it for you. First which company is the SDCard from? which class? where did you buy it from? This is to verify that the card you have is legit as you won't believe how many fake "hexed" mSD is out there.

    Did you verify the card if legit by doing read/write/verify test on it fully? if not first go download H2TestW v1.4 and run the test. I want to make sure that later on you don't have problems as file being corrupted or erased as no point of having 32gb card if you can't store data in it. So post back your result as ill check back to your thread here.
  7. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    Purchased Sandisk from ebay. don't know the class. i'm running the h2test now
  8. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    It's writing then verifying. It has a warning...only 31183 mbyte tested
  9. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    As HKM mentioned card may not be legit. If you got it cheap it may be bad. Many others have had this happen.

    There is a program called SDFormatter from web that does a great job. Follow the settings guideline in the user manual you can also dl.

    Set: Full Erase On--etc

    If it don't do it then you may be out of luck. Hope not!

  10. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    looks like i might be out of luck, i ran that sd formater and still appears on my cell as a blank card. im running this H2TestW v1.4 test now
  11. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member


    But it has been happening on ebay--if the seller has a good rating maybe you can return/exchange it

    Also, when I run sdformatter on my 16gb card it takes 45minutes or more. Did you set it to Full Erase On under Format Type and Format Size Adjustment ON. You didn't have enough time from my post to do that.

  12. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    No, and the ebay seller did issue me a refund. I'm just trying to see if it's really bad before tossing it in the trash. I'm going to go with a 16gb, but with Amazon. Has anyone heard of these same troubles with Amazon?
  13. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    Amazon has private sellers also

    I get mine from New Egg

  14. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    Great....That's where I will go. Any brand better than another? I was reading that the sandisk 16gb have failed after 3 or so months.
  15. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    I have an A-Data 16gb Class Six

    Does fine for me

    If I want to back all of it up, I use an sd card reader--20
    minutes max

    The 16gb class 10's are cheap, but 32gb class 10's 100.00. Not sure of reviews, but New Egg shows reviews and you can google the cards

    Not sure about 32gb class 6's

  16. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    Is it better to get a class 2 or 6? 6 seems to have problems, 2 seems slow...i just want reliability
  17. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    Do you need 32gb

    If not 16gb class 10's are good

    Wouldn't get class 2

    My A-Data is fine

    if you need 32gb get a class 6
  18. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    Nah I don't want to pay the real price of a 32gb, so i'm looking at 16gb. The one I'm looking at is a-data 16gb class 2 for 24.99 they also have 16gb a-data class 6 for 25.99
  19. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    get the class 6 if reviews are good

    I have one--may not be xact one it is several months old, maybe six months
  20. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

  21. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    4 out 5 with 70 reviews is good

    Some people are not happy with anything or have over expectations

    Mine has had no issues and I flash roms almost daily

    I have backed it up and reformatted dozens of times

    You can continue to google them and get more varied feedback, but I am happy with mine

    If you have a lot of data, the sd card readers make the whole backup restore process fast. That's if you even do that

  22. lionking1

    lionking1 Member

    Right now it's mainly to backup my music. I want to use my phone as an ipod, so that's mainly what I need it for. possibly ocassionally backing up an app to the sd card but that's about it.
  23. rugmankc

    rugmankc Well-Known Member

    The price diff is not enough not to get the class 6
  24. :O good god I go for like an hour or two and you 2 shot up storm here LOL anyways if the card is fake there is nothing you can do if its hexed as when you run out of the physical blocks any data allocated there after to the file stream will be corrupted.

    If you want to buy 32gb then you have few options as SanDisk C2, Kingston C4, Patriot C10, Wintec C10. I suggest you go with Patriot or SanDisk even when SanDisk is class 2 it surpass class 6 as Kingston C4 won't even get pass class 2 rating, you can check my benchmarks posted on Newegg. But if you want 16GB then go with Patriot C10 which is selling for $39 as Class 4 cards goes for 30dollar so for $9-10 you can get superior speed.

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