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Micro SD: 64gb Class 6 or 32gb Class 10

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  1. sailorman2429

    sailorman2429 New Member

    So I guess I missed the $50 64gb micro sd card sale on the 10th so the question of which sd card to get is slightly more difficult. I'm torn between these two options and would like to get some thoughts. Will class 10 vs class 6 make any difference other than when transferring files from your computer? I'm thinking about the rapid photo taking capabilities of the S3. Would having class 10 make a noticeable difference? I guess the size has more to do with individual needs. 32gb is roughly $35 while 64gb is $80. I find it difficult to justify not spending an extra $45 for an extra 32gb as I spent an extra $50 on an extra 16gb of internal memory. What do you guys think?

  2. 32GB is a lot...

    64GB is like a lot of memory...good luck using it all.

    I'd go with Samsung 32gb C10
  3. RamOG

    RamOG Well-Known Member

    I went with the 16 internal and bought a 64 gig. I think even with 16, 32 is enough. So 32 is more than enough for you. However, I made the investment on 64 thinking it'll have many uses in the future even after I'm done with this phone
  4. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    Depends what you're going to use it for. FLAC audio files take up a lot of space. If you eventually want to take advantage of USB audio, or even the default Wolfson audio, then good quality audio source takes up a lot of space. So do 720p movies. You've got that 720p screen. Don't you want to use it for watching movies that utilize it to its utmost? 2-4GB for a movie.

    Depends if you are going to root etc. There is a camera mod available on custom roms that enables you to shoot video at roughly twice the bit rate of the stock camera and hence at a much higher quality. Using something like that would likely demand the higher transfer rate.

    I would go for a class 10 64GB ;) - size and performance. Is it necessary for you to compromise?

    Reserve the 32GB internal memory for apps that take up hundreds of megabytes? I know I've been reveling in my /data space for installing apps after coming from my HTC Desire.
  5. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    I've got a 16gb phone and 64gb card. The card contains my music collection ~35gb or so. Plenty of space for everything else.

    I don't see the class (or speed) of the card as very important, its not like you need the speed to keep up with anything that writes data.
  6. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Never ceases to amaze me how people who don't use a lot of storage seem to think nobody else does...

    My 64GB is totally full, and to be honest I could fill a 128GB card immediately and I would still actually be wanting more storage (I think a 64GB S3 with a 128GB would be nearly doable for me, would have enough space on there for other stuff after transferring my ~126GB FLAC music collection on there).
  7. Depends on how you plan on using your phone I guess (how geeky you are).

    If you plan on using it as a TV, video game hub, music player, etc. then yeah you'd probably need a 2TB HDD :D
  8. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    I already had a 32gb c10 card and I went for the 32gb S3. I figure if I need more or specific needs, I have an extra 8gb and couple 4's around I can stick movies on if needed.

    That's what is great about "removable" storage, 1 card with my music, another pics/videos and 1 main 32gb card I leave in for day to day use.

    I always go for the highest card speed rating I can. Not sure if 6 is that much worse than 10 for our phone use but I would get the 10.
  9. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    An Amazon.com right now there is a 64gb card for $50 running as a special on the Todays Deals at the top.

    There are only 25 minutes left though but seems like a good buy.
  10. Hazelnutt

    Hazelnutt New Member

    I'm having the same question too. After reading this, I made up my mind to get the C10 instead.

    Thanks folks!

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