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  1. Antman27

    Antman27 Well-Known Member

    Now that we can move our apps to the SD card will you be gettin a bigger sd card ?
    What is the largest sd card that the ally will accept ?
    This should help phone run smoother with apps on sd card right ?

  2. djxxcess

    djxxcess Well-Known Member

    16gb but remember the higher class the faster response...go for min class 4 but if you got the cash go higher
  3. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    The Ally manual says it will take a SD Micro card up to 32GB.
    I just picked up a 16GB Class 10 from Newegg for $29.49 in anticipation of running apps from the SD Card, works great so far!! Newegg.com - WINTEC FileMate 16GB Mobile Professional Class 10 microSDHC Card with SDHC Adapter

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