Micro Sd Card not working?

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  1. Ndlkid13

    Ndlkid13 New Member

    I have a Samsung Micro Sd Card SD HC 8Gb. I've had it in my phone (Htc Evo 4g) for a while now but one day it said I have no Sd Card inside. I took out the battery reinserted it inside but no luck. Then I checked on a computer and when I click on Removable Disk, its says, "Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (E:).
    I have also tried this method (make use of. com /tag/how-to-recover-data-from-a-corrupt-memory-card-or-usb-drive/) but when I enter Chkdsk e: /r it says, "cannot open volume for direct access." Please help, I have many stuff on the Sd Card and I don't wanna format it and lose all my data. Any help?

  2. AsterickJones

    AsterickJones New Member

    I've just had this happen too, luckily with a new 32GB Micro SD Card where I'd used it in another device, backed the data from it, I put it in the new Sony Ericsson phone it becomes unreadable and then is not detected by PC.

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