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  1. Draeg

    Draeg New Member

    My Razr Maxx HD has been running fine for a month now, but when I go to listen to music, the SD card is just gone. It isn't recognized by the phone anymore. I have everything I used to have on it, and it works fine. I tested it on my computer but the phone just ignores it now. Any explanation for this?

  2. mlg2919

    mlg2919 Well-Known Member

    My HD and PC no longer recognize my SD card after JB update. Everything was fine prior to update. JB seems to have problems and no solutions.
  3. PowrDroid

    PowrDroid Well-Known Member

    Is the SD card a class 10 card? I've read that the Maxx HD sometimes doesn't like class 10 cards.

    Also, 64GB cards are not recommended.

    What brand/size/class is your card?
  4. lowboydrvr

    lowboydrvr Well-Known Member

    I also have had my SD card suddenly "disappear". Usually I just reseat the card, restart my phone, and it comes back. Not sure why it drops, but it is not permanent.
  5. bergie33

    bergie33 Member

    Make sure you have the card seated all the way. I initially thought that the card was just held in by the cover. Then, my HD kept saying the card was removed. I finally figured out that the card actually clicks into place (you have to use something long and skinny to push it all the way in).
  6. PowrDroid

    PowrDroid Well-Known Member

    Best thing to use is the back end of the SIM card drawer removal tool that came with your phone. Don't use the pin end, use the heel end.
  7. kcau

    kcau Active Member

    I think this is a phone issue ... my razr has never consistently viewed the sd card .... that along with a crap "motocast" usb interface are probably why i will never do another Motorola phone. Should have stayed with the Galaxy .. 10x better phone (slight exaggeration!).

  8. Network13

    Network13 Member

    I've got a class 10, 64GB SD card and have never had an issue with it. It has also never been out of the phone or in a PC. From day one I put it in the phone, formatted it with the phone, and transfer anything to and from it via the USB cable through the phone. It seems to sound like the people that say they have problems with their cards are trying to read the cards via their computer with a card reader.
  9. budfox66

    budfox66 Well-Known Member

    Had similar probs when on JB (back to ICS now), and had to upgrade to windows media player 11 and downloaded a MS ftp file to fix it. Replacement phone I have now is still ICS and no plans to go to JB. Works like a champ!
  10. ddcarter3

    ddcarter3 Active Member

    I lost all of my music and pix when I updated to JB. I just reformated on my PC and has worked flawlessly since.
  11. nc10t

    nc10t Member

    Android writes two folders onto any media plugged into it. I don't know why. So, even if you didn't write to the card, we must assumed Android did. Android isn't magic, as some expect...:D It leaves data in cache that needs to go to removable media it EXPECTS you to leave mounted. If you jerk out the card, unmounted, files are left open and unwritten, just like your PC, that MAY destroy your FAT table, making the card unreadable...just like your PC! So, to avoid this disaster, click open (Settings)(Storage) and pick (Unmount SD card), or (Unmount USB Drive) if it's a flashdrive or a hard drive. This forces unwritten data to be properly written to your media and all open files to be properly closed, not trashed unto uselessness...

    I see reference to 64GB uSD cards being mounted. New cards are formatted with exFAT that Android cannot read/write. Old FAT32 cannot format a single partition into 64GB. If you have ICS 4.0.x or up, Android now supports NTFS format from Microsoft, both read and write completely on most devices. Unless you are using Apples, this is the way to go. Just reformat the card to NTFS with your PC. Apple won't write to NTFS drives, last time I tried, but you can repartition the big 64GB card to two 32GB drives as FAT32, which works for both systems without rooting or hacking. NTFS is best because it supports larger than 4GB files, even DVD .iso images MX Player plays great.


    PS - Never plug a Motorola or other old phones' SD card into ANY android device! Android will trash the file structure on the card so the old phone, whos file structure is very rigid, can no longer access its music/photos/movies!

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