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  1. acoolphone

    acoolphone Well-Known Member

    Keeps going bad

    Have gone through 2 so far in the past 6-8 months since got the phone, brand MicroSD HC PNY both a 32 & a 4 gig



  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello acoolphone.

    "..going bad." I'm wondering if you're handling them carefully (don't want to touch anything but the plastic shroud) and/or if the cards are being exposed to a magnetic field by placement of the device on something with a coil or magnet, such as a cable box, speaker, etc, or if it's being exposed to heat by being put on the dashboard of your car, etc (even on a cold day, heat gathers through the windshield and a phone placed there could become compromised in some way or other).

    Other possibilities have to do with malware being imported to the sd card via download of a non-Play Store 3rd party app/widget. Make sure you've unchecked the "allow.." box in that area of the settings menu.
  3. acoolphone

    acoolphone Well-Known Member

    No to your thoughts but great suggestions, however, there could be something common that missed, my wife's SD also just went bad so will revisit ALL your ideas again

  4. I've gone into a similar problem..

    I have a Lexar Class 10 32gb, and at Christmas, it went bad.. Sent it back, got a new one.

    Now the same 32gb, phone stopped recognize it. Card was in RAW partition. So retrived files with a software, then reformat in FAT32. This happened 3 times in like 3-4 months. Now I am using a lexar Class 10 8gb, so far so good..

    just sucks I cannot use my 32gb, better for recording long video.. that 32gb was working fine in my HTC Desire for about 1 year and half..
  5. acoolphone

    acoolphone Well-Known Member

    I ended up getting a Samsung 32g a few months back and, knock on wood, all is well as we speak

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