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Micro SD wont mount.phone sees it as blankGeneral

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  1. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Well-Known Member

    just bought the optimus m+ and when i insert my sdcard into the phone,it says blank sdcard.my OG optimus sees it and shows me everything on it,so i know its a functional SD.ive tried manually mounting it and rebooting the phone after inserting it and still no luck...

    anyone else have this problem? if so,how did u fix it?? thanks guys..hopefully i can bring some work over to this section!

  2. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Well-Known Member

    i ended up backing up the sdcard and formatting it...that fixed the problem..

    format card in different phone.pop it back in the OM+ and your good to go.
  3. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Glad to have you onboard with the OM+. I always liked reading your posts in the OM forums. I even used the Kelso ROM for a bit.
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  4. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Well-Known Member

    I'm already trying to get a Rom going. The way this phone is set up is weird. I usually take the system and boot.img and use kitchen to do the packaging..but cwm zips the data and system info .tar format. Looks like i'd have to add a bunch of lines to the updater script in order for it go flash to the right partition. Too bad I don't know how to write updater script. :( lol

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  5. Uriel95

    Uriel95 Member

    Thank you Mike for trying to make a Rom. I'm dying for one to come out. I would make one myself but I don't know how -.- lol
  6. citric

    citric Well-Known Member

    Wish I could make a ROM for this, but the setup it a little weird.

    It has internal memory, an "internal" microSD card, and then the actual external microSD card (which is literally internal)

    But I like the phone, and hopefully PlayfulGod can figure out why his kernel doesn't like Wifi

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