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Micro SD Wont Move Images from S3 to Note 10.1Tips

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  1. man this is some serious BS. I dont know if its samsung or the SD card but here goes.

    I take photo...it saves the photo to the SD card...all is fine on the phone i can view it. I unmount the card and place it in the N10.1.....no image...i unmount the SD and put it back in the S3.....no image...WTF is going on?? is it a samsung or sd card problem..so fricken over it :motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::motz::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::evil::evil::evil::evil:

  2. Raistlin1158

    Raistlin1158 Well-Known Member

    Copy the images to a PC, then format the card and try again.

    It worked for me.
  3. were u able to then move the sd card from s3 to note and still see the images?
  4. Raistlin1158

    Raistlin1158 Well-Known Member


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