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  1. theguru14

    theguru14 Active Member

    My Sandisk 32gb Micro Class 4 card stopped working on my phone yesterday. What can I do to retrieve the files or get it to work again without losing the files?

  2. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Not working as in the card is not recognized at all or it's recognized, but unable to read/write to it?

    Either way, power off the phone completely. Remove the battery and then take out the microSD. Put it into a SD card adapter and 'Lock' it. This prevents the card from being overwritten (especially if the card is scrambled and you need to do data recovery). It is important that you do NOT use this card until you have recovered your data as any further read/writes will 'destroy' data already present if it is not recognized.

    Insert into a card reader and access the card through the computer. If the card is fine, you should have access to the data without any need to do anything more. Just backup up all the data onto your computer and then reformat the card when you're done (just unlock the card when you are ready). However, if the card is somehow messed up and comes up as RAW format, then it becomes tricky to recover data as it is not guaranteed you will have full 100% data recovery.

    I use MiniTool Power Data Recovery whenever the partition gets corrupted and no longer able to work. It can salvage some data but not all. I was able to recover at most 75% of my data under 'good' conditions. But on average, I am able to get at most 50% of my data recovered.
  3. theguru14

    theguru14 Active Member

    Here is what happened. I took a video. I did not like it so I deleted it. I was going to take another and the phone was no longer reading the card. I took the micro sd card out put it in an adapter and tried it on my desktop and it wasnt reading the sd card either.

    What are my options of trying to recover the files on the card? What do I need to do?



  4. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    That's going to be difficult to do. Considering you need the system to recognize the card is there in order to do data recovery. You'll need to access the Disk Management software in the OS. See if you can spot the card there. If it's seen there, you have a chance of salvaging data. If not, you can try to see if other partitioning software will 'see' it.

    If it can, you will need data recovery software to retrieve the lost data as it is in a format that neither phone or computer will recognize. Expect data to be lost as it is not 100% guaranteed you will retreive all your data.

    But when working with partitioning/disk programs, you better have good knowledge of what you're doing. As these programs mess with the partitions and can cause further damage to the data if not handled properly. I know I messed up one time; lost an entire drive because the partition got corrupted and had to reformat.
  5. theguru14

    theguru14 Active Member

    Thanks for the help. I think I am just going to take it to an ATT Device Support Center.

  6. richardsben

    richardsben New Member

    i have also lost data like videos and photos of family and recovered through a software utility. you can recover data from micro sd easily.
  7. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    I suddenly got the message that my 'sd card is damaged'. Was working fine, but no more. Tried 2 different phones and it won't read, or even mount. Ordered a new one (32GB, 4x larger than the bad one) on Amazon.

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