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  1. kotecharohit

    kotecharohit New Member


    i purchased micromax a57 before 2 week from india. n i moved to south africa
    (capetown) before a week. here i got cel c company sim card and
    activated gprs but its not working.
    i asked to sim operator for gprs setting and set accordingly. but stil
    i m facing problem. ven i tried to use net it gives me error like
    "network currently not available". n network showing full on cell. n i
    can call to all available network here. so pls tell me any specific
    settings i need to do to run net?

    pls help me.

    thnks n regds,
    rohit kotecha

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hi kotecharohit welcome to Android Forums.

    There's two things I can suggest. First double-check that you've got the correct GPRS or APN settings for the device and carrier. Also is your carrier definitely providing internet service? Have you tried the SIM in another phone?
  3. kotecharohit

    kotecharohit New Member

    hi mikedt,

    i got correct gprs settings. i tried a lot. also i put my sim in my friend's cell and net working good in his cell. n both v hv anroid os. and ven i put another company's sim card in my phone n without any setting net is working good. so i am confuse wher is problem?

    thnks for quick reply.
  4. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    Same problem me too so I have submitt the phone in service center:eek::eek::eek:
  5. rupesht7

    rupesht7 New Member

    my phone has imei related problem
    please help me what should i do.

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