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  1. ranjan007

    ranjan007 New Member

    i have rooted my micromax a57.then i was deleting the unwanted apps.unfortunately i deleted the dialer app mistakenly.then it showed a msg ......com.android..... stopped like that.then i restarted the phone and since then it is showing black screen only nothing else.no network,no notification. pls help me guys to get out of this.pls.....

  2. ranjan007

    ranjan007 New Member

    pls help me guys..
  3. hoseinsafaeipour

    hoseinsafaeipour New Member

  4. sunny 123

    sunny 123 New Member

    I have problem too.But I fix it .
    1.If phone is charged then wait for battery drain to 15% .
    2.After when you open your phone it show battery warning .In warning box it has two options click on battery usage automatically setting is open then click WiFi usage
    3.You will see wireless settings then open your Bluetooth .
    4.if you have another phone download go launcher in it (old version ) send to your micromax via Bluetooth and installed it . Then open it .

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