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  1. surbab

    surbab New Member

    I have purchased an Micromax A60 Android(2.1 version) recently. The phone is working good except bluetooth headset connectivity.

    I have a samsung WEP 450 headset which is not being detected by the phone.

    Can any body tell me where is the problem.

    The head phone readily connects with Nokia E63. Nokia E63 handset is detected by the micromax.

    Thanks in advance

  2. heidelfuchs

    heidelfuchs Member

    Hey there. I'm sorry I can't help you. But i got the same phone and do have problems with random freezes. Would you be so kind and post here or in private a list of your installed applications? Maybe I can figure out what is wrong with my first android.
  3. sivakum

    sivakum New Member

    Hi, I purshased my Micromax A60 last week.. and finding it difficult to import the contact details from SIM.. getting and message "FDN List is Empty".. Could anyone able to help me?....

    supporting software. didnt find any supporing software for this device..


    @ Surbab I am using the same bluetoth headset WEP450 with A60. Its working fine. I guess you have not charged your headset. A blue light should blink after you press the button on the headset.
    Every one, please let me know how I can sync the mobile to a PC. I installed the the software provided with the devicet the SD card (2gb) is recognised by the PC but It says please insert drive when I try to open the drive. I cannot transfer files back and forth because of this.
  5. vipulchandra

    vipulchandra Member

    hey.!! in fact you cannot sync the device with pc.! rather u can transfer files through PC to Mobile.!
    All u need is to Mount the device in the mobile as soon as you connect the data cable.!
    1.connect the data cable to system.
    2.go to notifications in mobile.
    3.IN notifications u'll find "USB CONNECTED" select that to copy files from your computer. click on it.
    4.click "MOUNT" then.
    5.Done. you are connected. with the system as USB flash drive.! :)
  6. vipulchandra

    vipulchandra Member

    @heidelfuchs: hey.!! may be u have installed apps wch are not suitable for your device.! else..some apps May slower your phone.! just try this thing if that may help.
    1. GO to settings -> Manage applications.
    2.click on every app and uninstall them!! and restart your phone.!!
    and one more thing on the first buy phone need to be charged to 100%. so that there will not be any problems.!
    if u find problems even after this procedure.! go to the nearest Micromax store.! They will re install the Phone software.! this is the ultimate procedure.! :) :)
    HOpe u find it infromative! :)

    ANd guys howz the battery backup for this mobile.! I have been using it since 10days..the battery backup really sucks.! :( apart from that..the phone is fuking AWESOME! :) :)
  7. KRaakkesh

    KRaakkesh New Member

    hi my micromax a60 speaker output not working, it just suddenly stoped working as i was playing songs on my phone.
    I hv an antivirus from AVG ..and their are nor virues on the phone .

    I can hear the sound on headphone and wile makeing a call ...the phone is just 30 days old :(

    can any one help me ???
  8. kulsss

    kulsss New Member

    @ heidelfuchs/KRaakkesh - guys did you get any solution for Micromax a60 random freeze and speaker issue. I bought this phone n having similar type of issues.

    Any help from any one wuld b grt
  9. sindhu.nike

    sindhu.nike Member

    after some days random freezeis not happening.so no worries:p

    while making calls i can hear wat i'm speaking.how to solve this problem guys????
  10. basschess

    basschess New Member

    I have samasung wep bluetooth headset. its not connecting with My new Micromax andiroid A60 phone, but it connecting with my micromax Q3 handset.
    what is the solution? help me..
  11. wotadvert7

    wotadvert7 New Member

    Well i am not here to give you a very technical solution but what happened with me was that my blue tooth headset was also not working but what i had done is changed it with a new one that i purchased and when i re connect it it was connected and till today it works fine with me :D

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