Micromax A60 issues need helpSupport

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  1. ptik23

    ptik23 New Member

    hey just got Micromax A60 yest and am facing problems. need help to sort out these isssues
    1. when syncing with Windows 7 it doesnt sync and gives error stating requires digital signature driver. how do we sync with windows 7.
    2. all my contacts and calender are stored with Microsoft outlook 2007 and i need to transfer all these contacts and calender reminders to A60. i tried using myphoneexplorer software but it didnt work. can any1 suggets me applications to syn A60 with Microsoft Outlook 2007.
    3. i need to use word and excel in my A60 so can any1 suggest whihc application is supported by A60..
    plz guys help put... thanks

  2. srinath29

    srinath29 Member

    download documents to go.
  3. vs5678

    vs5678 New Member

    I bought micromax A 60 andro yesterday night and it stop working on the very next day I go to the dealer to whom i purchase but he refuse to work and ask to go to company service centre.can any one tell company can repair or replace the piece.in micromax andro modle A 60 is floop model.can any android phone will virus proof or not.

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