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MICROMAX A60 Issues...Support

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  1. sivakum

    sivakum New Member

    I purchased Micromax A60 mobile last week, but finding it difficult with the options..

    Can you help me with couple of queries

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  2. vipulchandra

    vipulchandra Member

    hey!! I can't help with your first option cuz it worked fine..with me! :)
    I can help thru with the second one.!
    In fact you cannot sync the device with pc.! rather u can transfer files through PC to Mobile.!
    All u need is to Mount the device in the mobile as soon as you connect the data cable.!
    1.connect the data cable to system.
    2.go to notifications in mobile.
    3.IN notifications u'll find "USB CONNECTED" select that to copy files from your computer. click on it.
    4.click "MOUNT" then.
    5.Done. you are connected. with the system as USB flash drive.!
  3. shekmodi

    shekmodi New Member

    do you think that the camera is really 3.2 mp?
    it doesnt have a good result.. neither brightness/contrast setting..

    no zooming for video.. huh..

    contacts are getting deleted automatically..

    many processes have to be *force quit*
  4. kamandro

    kamandro New Member

  5. ananthakrishna

    ananthakrishna New Member

    I am not able to connect A60 device to laptop. I am using Windows 7 operating system, I found through verifying various blog that there is some digital signature isuue is there in the operating system, so each time when I tried connecting the device I restart and disble the Digital Signature option. While doing that, I could able to see the driver getting installed properly BUT drive is not visible.

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