Micromax A60 Modem Driver for Win7 64bitSupport

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  1. saurin710

    saurin710 New Member


    I like the phone very much, but modem not connect to Windows 7 (64bit) using USB cable.

    Where can i get the driver?



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  2. ranjeet

    ranjeet Member

    first install the driver came with phone...for win 7...use continue anyways....then connect to pc with data cable...then start internet tethering in ur a60 phone (settings>wireless and network>internet tethering)...windows will automatically install the required driver

    tel me wheather it works or not....for me it works great
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  3. kaleemansari75

    kaleemansari75 New Member

    Hi I had the same problem but its solved from your idea.
    Thanks Dear ranjit:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  4. Tarun Garg

    Tarun Garg New Member

    windows 7 says that the The driver cd came with the phone is not certified.
  5. Sumitera

    Sumitera New Member

    Hi had the same problem and tried the Internet Tethering, but it says the MICTOMAX WIRELESS TECH DRIVERS and RNDIS Communication Control - No driver found.
    My phone was the first phone which released in India and didn't get the software CD. I just connected the phone with USB and all have been installed expect the above. :mad:
    If you have the Micromax CD, could you please upload it for me / let me have the link where i could find it please.
    Thanks in advance, Sumi
  6. karthikkumar

    karthikkumar New Member

    He frnds where i get a60 driver

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