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Support Micromax A60 music quality & volume goes down after a call.

  1. Rashmin

    Rashmin New Member

    I have brought this Micromax A60 about a week & a half Back.
    The problem I am experiencing is The sound quality & volume lowers after I get a call & the player crashes after few minutes of playback & the same thing happens I have tried the poweramp player but the same thing happens. Is it their a problem with the hardware or software.
    Please Help!!!!!

  2. nikhil9860

    nikhil9860 Member

    try doing a factory reset ....
    it might work
  3. sandy4gautam

    sandy4gautam New Member

    no there is no change even after the factory reset.....i am also having the same problem...
  4. nikhil9860

    nikhil9860 Member

    even it happens with me sometimes
    soo i just pause the music
    and resume !!
    i get the quality back :D
  5. Rashmin

    Rashmin New Member

    Even after a pause and resume the volume and quality is not back....
    It happens only after restart or some times after I receive a call...
    Is it a software problem or a hardware problem????
  6. nikhil9860

    nikhil9860 Member

    pause and remove the head phone
    and then again resume da music and put back the headphones at the same time it vl work !!

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