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Micromax A60 problemSupport

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  1. maniacscorpio

    maniacscorpio New Member

    Recently i purchased a Micromax A60 mobile. Its having android 2.1 platform. Its works fine for two days the suddenly all of my contacts gets deleted automatically. Then i copied my contacts again but it goes on deleted any time. Every day or another my contacts deleted.

    So whats the basic cause of it , My mobile or androd 2.1 ??

    Please help me???

  2. maniacscorpio

    maniacscorpio New Member

    Please help me
  3. vipulchandra

    vipulchandra Member

    hey!! Better go to the nearest Micromax showroom! that's the best thing.! :)
  4. rudie_techie

    rudie_techie Member

    Try turning of the sync feature... you can do this from the power settings widget on the home screen...
  5. ranjeet

    ranjeet Member

    same thing happened to also...but for once..it never get repeated
  6. spgupta

    spgupta New Member

    I am unable to send any emails, but am able to receive all the emails. I use IMAP with google apps.

    After I hit the send button, the email quitely disappears and sits in the outbox. I don't get any error message.

    I have checked with the Google apps settings and all settings are correct. This was also verified by the email application and no error was shown when the account was configured on the instrument.

    Anyone has similar issues or solutions?



  7. sharmamanoj

    sharmamanoj New Member

    i hve micromax a60 got locked due to repetitive attempts of psswrd n askng fr google email n psswrd n stll not unlocked on entering it.help me wd the problm as phone left wd only incmng n nt evn menu on screen.reply back on sharmamanojibm@gmail.com

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