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    Hey GuyzZ!
    Im new to this forum... :)

    Well i buyed Micromax A70 a while ago, and i m facing some problems with my mobile.... :(

    I downloaded many apps and gamez on my mobile....
    but since i moved some applications from phone memory to SD card, my mobile gets stuck often... :confused:
    all the applications goes not responding and when i force close them, the screen goes blank! :(

    and also some of the apps gets disappeared....
    when i reboot my mobile they comes back...

    Can any1 help me with this? :\

  2. prakashp

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  3. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    have you rooted your phone???
    if yes, try removing unwanted apps, and clear internal memory...
    Check out which all apps are running from "Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Running" or try using some kind of task manager app. Kill the apps that are not required (Donot kill system apps)...but FYI, i rarely kill apps in my phone..
    Also, try app called Fastreboot (mentioned by someone in some forum..he said that it made the phone responsive as well as increased battery performance).
    also, try the v6Supercharger (from XDA forums), but if you are confused even after reading the instructions on their forums, I would say not to do it.
  4. -)!Sharang!(-

    -)!Sharang!(- Member

    theres not any unwanted apps... :p
    also i have Task killer, and i keep killing tasks when not using...

    in btw,
    what is rooting?
  5. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member

    It could be possible, that a lot of apps are running in the backgroud, if these apps are installed in the sd card, the phone performance will be degraded. So you have basically two option -

    1.> Download a Task Manager From Android Market and terminate the not needed tasks.
    2.> Move the apps running in background to phone memory.

    The Apps are disappearing because there is not enough memory free for the android launcher to display the icons or the sdcard is in use by many app at boot time so the android launcher cannot access the sdcard provided that you have moved most of the apps to to the sd card.
  6. -)!Sharang!(-

    -)!Sharang!(- Member

    well, the situation gone more worse...
    every time i reboot my mobile, it getz stuck and just go blank screen...

    now i know wat a PIECE OF SHIT i bought.... >_>
    going to throw away it in trash and going for HTC Wildfire S now....
  7. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    ok..good for u...

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