Micromax A70 will Run Gingerbread-igyaanGeneral

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  2. mastermind1024

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    Lol..u r late here.we already asked him several times, we also launched protest campaign against micromax to release kernel source code so we can develop CM7 for A70 which is gingerbread but they denied every time.we asked Bharat Nagpaal who wrote above said article on iGyaan, I even asked him to release his source of that information but he never replied.so until u get kernel source code,forget gingerbread.we tried it many times but got major bugs like radio,touch etc not working.
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    thanks for reply sir,
  4. Lohit shetty

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    Yaa really waste site with his site refference I buy micromax A70...waste of money buying this no kernel source code means no CM7 or gingerbread :(

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