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Micromax A75 - Battery running outSupport

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  1. krishx343

    krishx343 Member

    Hi to All

    I have bought a Micromax A75 just 4 days before.

    Battery keep on running out quickly. It no longer last more than 5 hours.

    I even tried installing the app "Advanced Task Killer " and set that to frequent kill.

    I am noticing some of the apps that are not uninstallable and also keep on starting even though task killer does its job.
    I even tried Stopping its services but still auto starting.

    Apps like Facebook, twitter, sawn, ebuddy etc.,

    Bluetooth Proximity keep on showing even though Bluetooth turned OFF.

    It's frustrating for me
    - after a long time struggle I saved a bits of money every month to get smartphone with full features.

    Can anybody help me on this battery problem?

    Thanks in Advance

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  2. rahulhnair

    rahulhnair Well-Known Member

    Update your phone and install juice defender.
    - Keep the brightness at half or below.
    - Switch off haptic feedback.
    - Turn off wi-fi and gps when not in use.
    - use static background and not live one.

    You should ideally see a boost in ur battery life.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. krishx343

    krishx343 Member

    Hi Rahul,

    How to update this phone?

    Will install juice defender now

    Switched Haptic feedback

    WiFi rarely use, GPS always OFF

    Only static background had.

    Will check installing juice defender and send you feed back

    Thanks, Will try n reply to you
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  4. rahulhnair

    rahulhnair Well-Known Member

    Read the thread on flashing ur phone
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  5. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Use of task killers worsen ur battery life
    Not a good point to start saving battery :(
    There are many fantastic workarounds but needs root
    I will post if i find anything for non-rooted phones
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  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    +1 !
    task killers **** up the phone !
    instead i found Autorun Manager available in both pro and free !
    it will stop the programs you do not want to automatically start in the beginning !
    also it constantly manages them also ! any ways the name suggests everything :p
    best part even available for non-root users but will suggest you to use the pro version (available in market ,, not very expensive !) that also stops auto restarting programs .
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  7. krishx343

    krishx343 Member

    Thanks to ALL, Will give a try with above suggestions for 2 or 3 days and reply

    Meanwhile is there any OS fixes for this phone to solve battery drain?

    Unable to uninstall the preloaded apps?
  8. n1newbie

    n1newbie Well-Known Member

    Those bloatwares cant be uninstalled widout rooting.
    Never user task killers
    Try to reduce screen brightness as min as possible.
    Check wifi slp policy
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  9. krishx343

    krishx343 Member

    Hi to All

    Thanks for all your suggestions

    After calling the micromax customer care, last week - I got a OS update for my micromax A75 from Micromax Service Center.

    Now I am seeing bit more battery stability than earlier.

    Earlier I need to charge twice in a day. Now Once a day.

    But if we use WIFI to browse Android Market or Sites, It draining battery quickly but manageable for now.
  10. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Nice to hear it :)

    But you could have done it sitting at home :p

    Here we have everything (+more) what those mmx ppl can ever do in the software stuff ;)

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