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Micromax A75 HangingGeneral

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  1. Srinivasrajan

    Srinivasrajan New Member


    My MMX A75 hangs after receiving call. So everytime I have to remove battery and reboot the phone.

    How to fix this one.

    Any one explain please how to install android on MMX A75.

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    bro its already running on android
    first root ur mobile and install custom rom
  3. sansingal

    sansingal Member

    Exactly the same problem with my phone. But after using the phone for some time i have come to the conclusion that the stock launcher is the real culprit. So, I did the following:
    First I rooted my phone by the following method:

    Then i downloaded the default gingerbread launcher from the net and installed it on my phone.
    Thereafter without booting into the default launcher i first integrated it into the ROM using link2 SD app.
    Thereafter i booted into the default gingerbread launcher. Thats it.
    Now the phone wont hang at all.
    One thing more u can lock the launcher into the phone memory using supercharger script which would be useful in making the phone least sluggish and more stable.

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